Topic: Edmonton Team Event Results!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jan 20 2012 1:14PM

Last night we did our first Team Event in quite some time. The format seemed to work WAY better this time, as we were able to complete it in about 3 hours with 16 players.

It seemed that everyone was very involved in the tournament. A lot of cheering for team mates, or even if people didn't cheer they were watching much more intensely that they would have otherwise. The nice thing is that it keeps you involved even when you are waiting to play... where as in typical formats all you care about is the match when you are on the table.

Garry, Darcy, Dan, and Garrett came out flying... Garry and Darcy beat Jamie and I in game 1. In game 2 we got one back with our undefeated combo of Sam and Ben Crocket!!. Ben was a machine all night with his 2 row just rocking, and Sam showed true class domination the 5 row in every match. In game 3 Garrett stepped up and won Goalie Wars, something that he seemed quite dominant in throughout the night. Game 4 was also close, but Jamie and Sam squeaked it out 10-8 I think. Game 5 wasn't even close, Garry beat me 5-2 in decisive fashion.

In the other match Christian, Des, Ray and Taras won against Roger, Conrad, Mike, and Ed.

Ed was on fire for Goalie wars, winning every GW match he played on the night.. but it wasn't enough to pull off match wins for his team.

My team fought back through the B side beating Rog, Conrad, Mike, and Ed first; then in 4 games taking out Christian, Des, Ray, and Taras. I was really happy about that one because I didn't want to have to play Christian in game 5!

In the final we really picked up our teams game to a new level. Jamie and I got some redemption on Garry and Darcy, then Sam and Ben got the win too, Ben lost the first set of goalie wars, but then Jamie and Sam closed it out in Roto! We went to the final set, and won 3 strait with Ben getting the closer in Goalie Wars.

1st Will Jamie Sam Ben
2nd Garry Darcy Dan Garrett
3rd Christian Des Ray Taras

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Jan 20 2012 3:02PM

It was a fun event-lots of team building/cheering as Will stated.

I felt a little unused,lol, as both final's matches never made it to singles. I believe Christian felt the same as their match with us never made it to singles, same as their match with Will's team.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Jan 20 2012 3:09PM

I hear you Garry. This format forces the Pro on the team to play the least, but puts them in the highest pressure situation at the end if it does go to that 5th game.

Still, it does suck not being able to play as many games.

A potential solution is that we really don't need to do double elimination format. So we could make it that you play every team once, with each win counting as one point.

Team 1 would play team 2, 3, and 4 each 5 total games in the same format. If they win all 15 games it is clear that they win. If two teams are tied for the most wins at the end of the night they could play off. This would mean that all 5 games get played in each match.

Any thoughts on that instead of the format we used?

Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: Jan 21 2012 7:03AM

No, I'm ok with the format as is, I was just stating the facts. I understand the pressure format should it go to the 5th game, and am ok that.

Author: Bank Machine Reply #4 Posted: Jan 22 2012 2:47PM

The team format was a lot of fun, and I agree that everyone seemed more involved watching and cheering on team mates on for the win.

There are probably many alterations or additions we could ad, like forward shootout, left hands only, rollerball, one eye pirate patch, etc etc.. aslo including a point system so that all games are played, and everyone gets lots of games in.

We should try and do one of these team formats per month. Great times!

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