Topic: Belita Foosball Table for sale

Author: Bank Machine Original Message Posted: Feb 10 2012 1:45AM

Just picked up a neat italian coin opp Belita Foosball table. looks just like one in this photo. Going up for sale on kijiji for $250 any takers?

Author: Bank Machine Reply #1 Posted: Feb 16 2012 12:49AM

I think this table is actually a Roberto Sport, looks exactlly the same

Says James Industries under the glass playing surface.
Anyone have info on this?

Author: C.A.L. Reply #2 Posted: Feb 16 2012 5:16AM

So this table you have does it have semi-circle dome like goal nets?
Any keys or spare parts?

What is the height of the table from ground up to the rod ?
Does it take Canadian coins only or is it set up for foreign units?

Author: Bank Machine Reply #3 Posted: Feb 16 2012 6:52PM

looks just like photos in links. Has rounded nets, and yes, takes Canadian coins. Table hieght, width, length is all standard sizes. 56 x 30 x 36 tall.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Feb 16 2012 7:03PM

Could be a Fabi, FAS, or the Bobby Sport.. Maybe even an old Garlando block foot table. Is it at your place Ray?

Author: Bank Machine Reply #5 Posted: Feb 17 2012 9:24PM

Here is a link to the kijiji ad that I just put up.
can you tell from pictures what kind it is?

Author: Bank Machine Reply #6 Posted: Feb 17 2012 11:57PM

SOLD to Mike. Mike we hope to see you soon at Time Out pub with your crew... Cheers!

Author: Mikee Reply #7 Posted: Feb 18 2012 3:33AM

Sounds good bud!

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