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Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: Feb 13 2012 2:35PM

Hey guys, we're going to be trying out something new to Edmonton this week at Dukes. They've been running it in Saskatoon for quite a while and I've heard nothing but good things.

Essentially it's a dyp but there's no eliminations and each match is only one game to five. If you win your game you stay on the table and take on the next challengers. You win three games in a row and you're off the table until the next spot opens up.

Tournament starts at 8pm and finishes at 10pm. We track wins and at 10 sharp we look at who has the most wins for the night. Top two teams get paid out, or top three if enough teams show up.

Working on some drink specials for this Thursday. Should be a good one!

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Feb 13 2012 2:43PM

Oh, and just for clarification, games that are still going at 10 are allowed to finish before we count games to see who wins.

Also, if there's an odd number of players we do not add an xtra x type player. We give one person an opportunity to play as a singles for the night. Highest ranked player gets first shot at playing singles. That player has to pay two entry fees... but obviously has the chance to win twice the pot.

*If this happens and that singles player manages to win the night (take first place) I will match the pot. So if first place is $40 that player will win $80 for the night.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Feb 13 2012 3:06PM

(if players do not wish to play singles they can pass that right to the next highest rank player)

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Feb 13 2012 7:32PM

Hey Darcy. I'll come on Thursday and I'll play Singles if there is an odd number. Is it handicapped or a pro/am draw or anything?

Author: Darcy Reply #4 Posted: Feb 13 2012 8:24PM

nope not handicapped, yes it's a pro/am. Barry actually gave me an app that handles the randomizing of the teams, it's pretty neat you can actually follow the nights progress on the web.

Author: Barry Reply #5 Posted: Feb 14 2012 10:23AM

Darcy, What we do here if we have an odd number is allow anyone wanting to play singles to throw their name into a hat for a random draw. That way it isn't always the same person. We have always had at least 3 players wanting it. Singles can be an advantage to the right person and the singles person often fares very well.

Of course you can do it any way you prefer. Just wanted to let you know how we handle that situation here.

Author: Darcy Reply #6 Posted: Feb 14 2012 12:03PM

Thanks for the heads up Barry. I'm going to try it this way for this week and will have to see how it goes. I may end up changing it for the next one.

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