Topic: Next Tuesday at TO!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Feb 17 2012 10:58AM

We are doing a Pro/Am DYP! We have CTV coming out to film some of the action, too. They said they want to see a big crowd to show what Foos is all about, so bring your friends(especially if they are hot chicks lol)!

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Feb 21 2012 2:43PM

This is tonight! We should have a decent crowd out by the sounds of things. We might do 2 tiers of Pro/Am just depending on turnout. See you tonight!

Author: Linda Reply #2 Posted: Feb 23 2012 9:39AM

How did this turn out?

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Feb 23 2012 3:40PM

CTV ended up only filmin at Ben's house and they didn't come to the pub for the weekly, unforunately. The turnout was good, we did two tiers so the charts were smaller.

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