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Topic: Washington State Open Announced

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Feb 22 2012 12:42PM

I was reading the NWfoosball board, and Myk has now announced the WSO for this year! We have had two years in a row that we have driven down for this tournament from Edmonton, and it has been awesome both years. Flyer should be out soon

****** NEWS FLASH ******

The 2012 Washington State Open will be held, once again at Country Inn & Suites in Bothell, on May 11th - 13th !

There will be all of the usual events; Fri. DYP, O.M., O.D. & S., Am. D. & S., etc. Plus I'm going to have a new event just for fun. It's what I'm going to dub the "Over & Under". It will have Seniors (50+) and Juniors (18-) matching up. I'm just finalizing the flier now, so be patient.

It WILL be on the Fireball coin-op tables (barring any last minute difficulties). They WILL be for sale too!

What Dennis didn't say in his post, and a lot of you don't know, is that the Fireball table has been widely used in Europe and Asia for years. And it is one of the five tables recognized and used by the ISTF for play in the World Cup, and Tornado no longer is.

I'm working on having something "extra" for the winners in O.D.s and O.S.s, like last year. They received a free one night stay at the hotel last year! I'm thinking of having something like jackets or the like. We'll see.

Start your planning! After that.....


Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Feb 22 2012 1:29PM

That's on Mothers Day. I won't be making this one.

Author: Linda Reply #2 Posted: Feb 22 2012 1:46PM

A friend is getting married that weekend. No go for me (don't know if I'd sit through the long drive again either).

Author: Cam. Reply #3 Posted: Feb 22 2012 1:59PM

This is a weekend earlier than I expected which works out perfectly for me! I am in assuming we drive down.

Author: University of Foos Reply #4 Posted: Feb 22 2012 3:28PM

Just make sure Will isn't behind the wheel... He likes to play chicken will boat towing 3/4 ton trucks on windy roads.

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Feb 22 2012 3:32PM

Eric I was just trying to get the adrenaline flowing for all of us... I think we should take that S turn just as fast this year too! Everyone survived last year so we'll be ok again this time

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Feb 22 2012 3:37PM

We got the date changed to May 18th - 20th.. Should work better for the majority of players.

Author: Cam. Reply #7 Posted: Feb 22 2012 3:57PM

I just called and booked an appointment for my clutch to get replaced. I will be making this drive again, i have room for two more, let me know who wants in!

Author: Sniff Reply #8 Posted: Feb 22 2012 4:12PM

Argh Fireball. I'll probably end up going but damn. Wish it was on a table that I least play more than once a year.

Author: FireballGuy Reply #9 Posted: Feb 22 2012 5:24PM

You make me feel really guilty now. I would love to help put a table in public in Vancouver. Do you think Soho can accomodate a Fireball coin table? Is Pete intereted? I can do it as soon as April when we ship for the WSO.

Author: Linda Reply #10 Posted: Feb 22 2012 6:47PM

Will's driving can be complemented with a car running on fumes next time for added "excitement" lol

Author: PaulG Reply #11 Posted: Feb 23 2012 5:05AM

Hi Dennis -

How much are the coin op fireball tables? I sent you an email. Let me know if you dont receive it.



Author: JeremyR Reply #12 Posted: Feb 23 2012 7:08AM

I also wish I got to play on fireball more than once a year. Looks like Saskatoon needs a table too. ;)

Author: Sniff Reply #13 Posted: Feb 23 2012 10:19AM

Hey Dennis. I really don't know the answer. From a business perspective, I don't know why he would, since it's basically just him losing a table that nets decent coin every month (pun semi-intended). Also, from a tournament angle, having one tornado and one fireball at soho would basically mean no future tournaments (since we need two to run. Right now we aren't doing tourneys, but, it's very possible they will happen again).

Would be nice if there was another location, but then, you need to find a business that will accommodate, which is generally the the hard part.

Just my thoughts.

Author: FireballGuy Reply #14 Posted: Feb 23 2012 6:26PM


Thanks for the input. Makes sense.
I guess what we need to do is find another maybe location nearby and put 2 Fireball coin-op tables there for practice and tournaments. It is a new business for the operator to earn some lovely cash on a regular basis and it is a way to generate some new players too. I can do a term payment say "do not pay for 6 month" kind of deal at $1,100 total for each table with S&H and coin mech included. Any of you reading this message can be the operator for these 2 tables in a new location.

Since Fireball seems to stay in the NW US and western Canada, and Vancouver is also my "home base", this would be a sensible thing to do. Please email me at for this opportunity. Thanks.


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