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Author: hardboiled Original Message Posted: Feb 26 2012 7:16PM

Calgary Foos is pleased to announce an Amateur Tournament at Shotz Bar & Grill MARCH 25TH, 2012.

There will be $mucho$ cash added, trophies, giveaways, as well as events on Saturday too!

Details and event poster soon!

This one has been in the hopper for awhile....its gonna be a shaker

...more to come!

Shotz Bar & Grill
3508 32 Avenue Northeast, Calgary!!!
(403) 250-5300

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Feb 28 2012 10:23AM

Can Simon be ranked am for this? He probably already emailed you asking if he can play in it, but in case he hasn't yet I'll get the ball rolling.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Feb 28 2012 11:39AM

What would I be for this?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #3 Posted: Feb 28 2012 4:43PM

To bad it's Amatuer, I was going to hire a pro master to ensure a victory

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Feb 28 2012 4:58PM

Hehe. Yeah that makes it pretty easy, doesn't it. I hope you win the next tournament that you are partnered with a Pro Master.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Feb 28 2012 5:03PM

I hope so.

Author: hardboiled Reply #6 Posted: Feb 29 2012 11:02AM

Bri's already asked about his AM status - I had to say no.

This event is strictly 'Can-Am' - Canadian Amateur - which would be known as 'beginner' or 'rookie' elsewhere.

This event is not for established players with developed 5 bars or who have experience in previous formal, competitive events.

Flyer soon with more details!

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: Feb 29 2012 11:55AM

If we're talking IFP points i'm still a beginner for doubles, does that count?

Author: BriL Reply #8 Posted: Feb 29 2012 4:35PM

Any question on ranking send me an e-mail at Sorry Darcy, no go for you. Anyone who has played a US tour event would not be eligible. Looking for true am's (rookie and beginners).

Author: Mike.L Reply #9 Posted: Mar 3 2012 10:42AM

I am so in! Will this be DYP?

Author: hardboiled Reply #10 Posted: Mar 3 2012 12:12PM

It'll be doubles and singles on Sunday - the doubles will be bring a partner.

We're working on a DYP for Saturday though.

I'll have a poster out this weekend.

Author: hardboiled Reply #11 Posted: Mar 16 2012 2:07PM

Shot at 2012-03-15

Author: hardboiled Reply #12 Posted: Mar 16 2012 2:08PM

Author: hardboiled Reply #13 Posted: Mar 24 2012 3:37PM

Author: hardboiled Reply #14 Posted: Mar 24 2012 3:45PM

Tournament ready! And thanks to Shotz for some extra exposure :)

Author: Will Reply #15 Posted: Mar 24 2012 5:17PM

Wow. That sign is awesome. Good work! Lets see some pictures of the event!

Author: hardboiled Reply #16 Posted: Mar 26 2012 9:59AM

Congratulations to all players - thanks for making the event fun....

Mike 1st place, Chris 2nd in Singles, Rudy 3rd

Congrats to Mike and Roland for 1st place in doubles....and Jeff and Diego - 2nd place...

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