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Topic: Tornado T2000 Rosewood Coin Op for sale

Author: Colin Original Message Posted: Feb 27 2012 9:40PM

Take you game to the next level, get your own Tornado table for home!

Tornado T2000 Rosewood Coin Op for sale. Excellent condition.

Can't post a picture here but email me if you'd like to see one. If you've played a Tornado table in a bar, that's probably what you used.


Location: Edmonton

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Feb 27 2012 10:38PM


I sold mine for 700 and bought a T3000 for 1100. Good luck thought.

Author: Colin Reply #2 Posted: Feb 27 2012 10:50PM

It's not written in stone. If there are T3000's for sale for $1100 around I say go for it


Author: cnote Reply #3 Posted: Feb 28 2012 12:30PM

I own the table Simon speaks of and yes I bought it for 750.00. I am also selling it now for 750.00 as I am purchasing a T3000. Sorry to hi jack your post

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Feb 28 2012 12:56PM

Chad's table (formerly Simons) is in mint condition, too. It has obviously been taken care of really well and is as good of a table as a person can get for under $1000. $750 is a good deal

Author: Colin Reply #5 Posted: Feb 28 2012 1:03PM

Same with mine. Come by to take a look.

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Feb 28 2012 1:20PM

I already own a dozen tables or so, I'm not interested in an older model of Tornado. Someone will scoop it up at $750 though.

Author: Colin Reply #7 Posted: Feb 28 2012 1:24PM

It was a general invitation, not directed towards you particularly. Well looked after with extra men, etc.

Author: Colin Reply #8 Posted: Feb 28 2012 11:32PM

Thanks for all the replies but the table has sold.

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