Topic: HOF Warm Up - Everett area - March 10

Author: Sniff Original Message Posted: Feb 28 2012 12:13PM

A cut and paste from the NW board. More info will be sure to follow:

NEWS is that there is a Tourney a brewing at Toby Magee's and she is to arrive on March, 10, 2012.

The First DYP will start at Noon and the entry fees are $10.00 per player

The second event is a BYP this is a great opprotunity to practice for Vegas..
COST for entry to this fine event is $20.00 per player. So thats $40.00 per team..
Starts at 2pm

The last event will be another DYP with only this limiter. If you are in either of the previous events you can not play in this one.
COST to enter this event is $10.00 per player...
Starts at 6pm

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #1 Posted: Mar 1 2012 9:39AM

I got the following from Kevin Munro:


Tornado Foosball tournament at Toby Magee's March 10th, 2012 (12811 8th ave N, Everett WA 98204 Phone 425-355-6561).

This will be a Hall of Fame warm-up on 4 Tornado tables in great condition. There will be a special party for Kathy Brainard and Rick Martin who were just admitted into the Foosball HOF.

Think about who you feel is deserving. This is for success and skill on the table only.

I hope that a lot of you kind folks will make the trek!!!
To come play for a day!!!!
Have fun visit with friends and enjoy the competitive game of Foosball.

February 10th, 2012 at Toby Magee’s

The 1st DYP will start at 12:00pm then an Open Doubles which is to start at 2:00pm. After that there will be another DYP which will start at 6:00pm. To play in the last draw you must be out of all other events. Depending on turn out and where the tournement is at.

Thank you in advance Pat for volunteering to bring your computers..... you rock..... :)

Bar specials and adds to follow....

Entry fees are as follows:
1st DYP $15.00 per player
Open Doubles $50.00 per player team - bonus for top teams
2nd DYP $15.00 per player

100% pay out from bar ads and entry fees.
Places paid out to be determined by number of teams. (13teams & less pays to 3rd, 14 to 18 teams pays to 4th, etc)

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK???? CAN WE GET A ESTIMATE ON NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT WILL TRY AND SHOW. I only ask this so that the bar can staff accordingly.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Bill & Kevin

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #2 Posted: Mar 1 2012 9:41AM

I'm even toying with going, if someone else is. I suck, I don't play foos anymore, but I'm ready to drag some poor sod down with me.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #3 Posted: Mar 2 2012 7:57PM


Anyone thinking of going? The silence suggests you are all lambs, fearful of the slaughter.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #4 Posted: Mar 2 2012 7:57PM


Anyone thinking of going? The silence suggests you are all lambs, fearful of the slaughter.

Author: Sniff Reply #5 Posted: Mar 3 2012 8:27PM

I'm possibly going. I heard Craig and robert may so go. Possibly mo, possibly Paul.

Author: Superfly Reply #6 Posted: Mar 3 2012 8:51PM

There is a 100% possibility of me possibly going. That being said, the probability of the possibility remains proportionately preposterous. </pontification>

Author: Nelson Reply #7 Posted: Mar 4 2012 7:12PM

Road trip?

Author: Robert G Reply #8 Posted: Mar 4 2012 10:07PM

road trip!!!

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