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Topic: Live Stream

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Mar 14 2012 11:03PM

Live Stream:


Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Mar 14 2012 11:05PM

Barry took 5th in Goalie Wars

Darcy took 5th in Forward Shootout

It looks like there should be two DYP's tonight too

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Mar 15 2012 12:03PM

Robert put a nice run together in the DYP getting to the finals, only losing to Tony Spredeman.

Lance is getting his first taste of a major tournament this weekend. Am singles is starting today for him along with Ben, Darcy, Ted, Barry.. Maybe a few more Canadians that have a shot at taking that one down.

Ben finished 2nd in Am singles at Worlds, so he just needs to take it one step further this time!

Expert Singles coming up later today too... Expert will be filled with pretty much all the Canadians except Pro Master Eric Dunn Pro (Would Champion) Mario.

Linda should have a really good shot at taking down Expert Women's Singles too, maybe she can string a nice run together in Open Women's Singles.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Mar 15 2012 1:33PM


Use this link to check event start times and what the prize money is for each event

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Mar 15 2012 5:47PM

There is 146 people in Expert Singles, down about 10 from last year. Still a great turnout though... Ben, Matt, Eric, Tuan, Simon, Tony, Christian are all at least one or two matches in, no losses between the group of them.

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Mar 15 2012 5:52PM

Darcy beat Andreas Eterbauer in Singles too. Andreas took 2nd place at the World Championships in France in January, losing to Fredrico in the Final. Nice work Darcy - keep it up!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #6 Posted: Mar 15 2012 7:21PM

Christian and Matt are battling each other for 5/6th.

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Mar 15 2012 8:10PM

Cool someone else posted on this thread!

Matt took that one, Tuan lost to Robbie Hays from Portland (pretty solid player). Simon, Tuan, Christian, and Darcy are all sitting in the losers side either 17th or 9th at worst.

Author: Desmond Reply #8 Posted: Mar 15 2012 9:48PM

Sweet, Darcy beat the #1 seeded player in Am singles.

Author: Pushshot Reply #9 Posted: Mar 16 2012 2:33AM

Ben is guarateed second in Amateur Single.

Way to go Ben.

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: Mar 16 2012 1:18PM

Matt Botros just is playing Expert singles to go to 3rd if he wins. Playing a tough match now but I could see him coming back to win that one.

Go Ben!!!!!! He's sitting kingseat in Am Singles.

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Mar 16 2012 1:49PM

WOW. The live stream is AMAZING. For sure the best streaming I have seen for Foosball (except for no commentary/Jim Stevens).

If you are at work make sure you catch Ben's Am Singles Final if they play it today.

Author: Will Reply #12 Posted: Mar 16 2012 2:43PM

Simon and Christain are playing live stream still. Been on a role for a while. They are up a game in the losers bracket final of handicap doubles. They have to play to 6, Masters have to play to 8.

Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Mar 16 2012 2:50PM

They took that one, so they play Tony Spredeman and Rob Mares for the final. Nice work boys!

Simon dropped BOMBS from the back for both matches.. probalby scored about 10-12 goals from the 2 row in those games.

Author: Chris.K Reply #14 Posted: Mar 16 2012 3:02PM

I am loving this live stream. Got to watch that Game. I may not leave the computer today! Next year I will not miss this tourny. :)

Author: Desmond Reply #15 Posted: Mar 16 2012 3:27PM

There are a lot of wins due to forfeits. I believe Christian and Moya lost due to a forfeit in designated mixed for 5/6.

Author: Will Reply #16 Posted: Mar 16 2012 6:20PM

If any of you down in Vegas read this, let me know if they plan to play all the finals back to back to back... and hopefully an estimate of when that will be!

Author: Desmond Reply #17 Posted: Mar 16 2012 10:35PM

Ben is the new hall of Fame amateur CHAMPION!!!!! Congrats Ben!

Author: Barry Reply #18 Posted: Mar 17 2012 5:14AM

Will, The finals are happening on the fly with a number already finished.

Ben won Amateur Singles on Meat-Nut of the second match... it was very exciting.... and nerve-racking at the same time. Lots of Canucks in the stands cheering him on.

Mario Ianuzzi and Simon both finished 9/12 in Pro Singles

Simon and Christian will be playing Spredeman and Mares for the Handicap Doubles Championship tomorrow... Spredeman and Mares are sitting in King Seat.

Me and Matt McCrorey are sitting in 3rd or better in the Open DYP and will be playing for King-Seat tomorrow. Tuan Phan and Ted Archibald are currently 5/6 in the losers bracket.

Rob Gingell and Rochelle Mandin are sitting in 5/6 in Amateur Doubles
Linda and Tim AND Darcy and Ted are sitting 9/12 on the winners side.
Ben and I AND Francois Veilleux and Jennifer Caron are sitting 9/12 on the losers side.

Moya finished 3rd in Womens Singles and Linda Ly finished 9/12.

The new NO-Recall system is working well in my opinion. Basically, if you have not started your match 10 minutes after it has been called, you forfeit. They have been enforcing it and I think things are moving a lot faster because of it.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #19 Posted: Mar 17 2012 12:52PM

The handicapp doubles final and three other finals will be all played at 1:30 pm Edmonton time. All on live streaming

Author: perennial underdog Reply #20 Posted: Mar 17 2012 2:13PM

Well done, Justin Shaw, who is guaranteed 5th or better in open singles.

Author: dfnder Reply #21 Posted: Mar 17 2012 4:22PM

Grats Moya, no bad for a one legged fooser

Author: Desmond Reply #22 Posted: Mar 17 2012 4:35PM

Watching the b side open singles final and Billy is shooting a European front pin. Interesting.

Author: Desmond Reply #23 Posted: Mar 17 2012 5:00PM

Linda Ly and Arthur Mitchell are the designated mixed hall of Fame champs!!!! CONGRATS!

Author: Superfly Reply #24 Posted: Mar 17 2012 8:52PM

Rochelle Mandin and Robert Gingell are the 2012 Amateur Doubles Hall of Fame Champs ...

Author: Desmond Reply #25 Posted: Mar 18 2012 12:25AM

Another interesting tidbit - Tony Spree isn't wrapping his 3 bar. He's using caulk. At least in the open doubles for 3rd.

Author: Desmond Reply #26 Posted: Mar 18 2012 12:33AM

Oh wait, it's game 3 now and Spree just called a time out to wrap his 3 bar.

Author: Will Reply #27 Posted: Mar 18 2012 2:37PM

Christian and Moya vs Simon and Phil Washum on live stream table 2! Winner advances to the king seat game in expert doubles!

Author: Will Reply #28 Posted: Mar 18 2012 3:41PM

Christian and Moya got that one, now they are playing for king seat in a quadruple Canadian game... Vs Matt and Eric! Should be a battle.

Author: Will Reply #29 Posted: Mar 18 2012 5:58PM

Matt Bortos is having one hell of a tournament. 9th in OD, sitting king seat in Pro Doubs, and playing for Kingseat in expert doubles. Take down the pro doubles championship!!! Good job to Brian and Eric too, his partners in those events.

Mario took 3rd in open doubles too, way to go Mario Ariganello.

Author: Will Reply #30 Posted: Mar 18 2012 10:15PM

Matt and Linda sitting at least 4th in Open Mixed too! They incredibly beat Tony Spredeman and Lindsay Albert along the way. Great job!

Linda also won Designated Mixed (Women play forward) which is an amazing accomplishment as well. What an amazing event this has been for a chart watcher like me haha.

Author: Sniff Reply #31 Posted: Mar 21 2012 3:12AM

Matt's mind for the tournament game is unreal.

Full props.

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