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Topic: Vegas Results

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Mar 16 2012 9:53PM

Way to go BEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really tough match in the final vs Cody Byre. First set went to Cody, in the second set Ben got up 4-2 but lost the first game to a big comeback by Cody. Game 2 went the other way and Cody was up 3-2 but Ben found some good blocks near the end and came back to win. Ben got up early in game 3 and then it went to 4-4... so much intensity. Ben took a time out at 4-4 and then closed it out. Ben shot lights out in the final, such deep fast rollers, hitting both sides well. It was a great match to watch.

Congrats Ben Wilkins!

Author: Chris.K Reply #1 Posted: Mar 16 2012 10:04PM

Way to go Ben! You da Man!

Author: Steve-M- Reply #2 Posted: Mar 17 2012 2:58PM

Awesome Job Ben good to see you came out a Champion!!!

Author: Bank Machine Reply #3 Posted: Mar 20 2012 9:39AM

woot woot! just lucky I wasnt there playing singles though... lol

Author: Barry Reply #4 Posted: Mar 20 2012 9:43AM

Proud of you buddy, you deserved it!

Sorry we couldn't better our World's finish in doubles, but I hope we can give it another run yet before you are bumped to Expert!

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