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Topic: Time out anyone?

Author: Steve-M- Original Message Posted: Mar 17 2012 6:37PM

anyone going to time out this evening?

Author: Bank Machine Reply #1 Posted: Mar 20 2012 10:31AM

Iam in for sure, see ya there.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Mar 20 2012 1:35PM

Tuesday night, tonight.... Pro/Am of some sort. I guess I'm doubting all you Vegas people will make it out, but I'd like to buy you all a beer if any of you show up!

Good job guys, way to represent!

Author: Chris.K Reply #3 Posted: Mar 20 2012 2:58PM

I second that Beer. So come down and have 2 beers on us.

Congratz guys.

Author: Darcy Reply #4 Posted: Mar 20 2012 3:22PM

We'll be playing at Dukes this Thursday too, more than likely a pro/am or a byp. any requests?

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