Topic: Matches to play...

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Apr 3 2012 7:57PM

If you end up at the same foosball night as your opponent please play the following matches.
Am Doubles:

Sam and Cam vs Steve and Ray
Winner vs Chad and Paul
Winner vs Chris and Des in the Final

Open Doubles:

Ben and Will vs Chris and Des
Winner vs Simon and Christian

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Apr 4 2012 12:59AM

Is singles over?

Author: wilkins Reply #2 Posted: Apr 4 2012 1:57AM

Yeah Will dipped me in the final. Good fun game.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Apr 4 2012 2:07PM

1st Will
2nd Ben
3rd Christian
4th Des
5/6th Simon
5/6th Conrad

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