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Author: Will Original Message Posted: Apr 18 2012 2:30PM

We used an interesting format this week, and I am excited to use it again! The top 3 players in total points have to enter the DYP (DrawYourPartner), but anyone else can bring a partner or choose a partner. It made for some strong BYP teams like Conrad and Ray, Chad and Scott, Paul and Ed, but then it also gives some of the lower ranked players a good shot at drawing the top 3, because so many of the other players aren't entered into the draw.

Chad and Scott put together an incredible passing series before the tournament, and in a match against Kyle and Kieran they used it perfectly. The passing series was probably the main reason they won that match.

Chris and Marco won a first round match up and then battled myself and Bob for the first time in what turned into a 9 game battle between us four. We came out on top in this one in the 3rd game.

Chris and Marco fought back all the way through the losers side, taking out Paul and Ed, Conrad and Ray, and then Carey and Joel who finished 3rd in the event. In the final they weren't slowing down either.

Bob and I won the first game, but Chris had his 5 bar nailed down all night and I couldn't limit his shot's on Bob at all - and Chris was really lighting us up with a deep roller to either side, and timing middles well along the way too. Chris and Marco were switching on our serve, and Marco was doing a good job of getting a piece of my 5.. if I did get the ball, Chris had me on lock down, and he dropped bombs from the back too. Marco really held his own in a final filled with talent and more experienced players than him, it was great to see what a couple months of coming out to league night can do for a player.

After winning the second game they made quick work of us in game 3, taking the final to a second set. In the second set they took the first game, but in game 2 and 3 we found a way to scrap it out and get the victory. It was hard fought right to the end and an amazing tournament for everyone involved. All of our matches went to the 3rd game.

1st Bob and Will
2nd Chris and Marco
3rd Joel and Carey

Points Update:
1 Edwards, Simon 1670
2 Stranks, Will 1640
3 Dunn, Christian 1617
4 Scaife, Darcy 1283
5 Wilkins, Ben 1276
6 Burgardt, Garry 1209
7 Penner, Roger 1169
8 Kerr, Chris 1130
9 Luft, Carey 1080
10 Tse, Desmond 1067
11 Kwan, Conrad 1029
12 Simeon, Jamie 1021
13 Wilkins, Sam 988
14 Spencer, Chad 986
15 Myszczyszyn, Tobin 980
16 Robichaud, Ray 968
17 Bombak, Taras 964
18 Smithson, Justin 946
19 Johnston, Mike 944
20 Rupertus, Lindsey 936
21 Daly, Ritchie 931
22 Burrows, Cam 928
23 Gish, Brian 922
24 Kimber, Daniel 919
25 Rowein, Devin 918
Jones, Darrel 916
L, Tony 899
Demelo, Ivor 898
Gallant, Chris 896
x, Bob 890
Schnieder, Jeff 887
Dick, Matt 882
Campbell, Lance 880
Kippen, Rick 874
Bombak, Marco 873
T, Jeff 870
So, Albert 870
Jones, Carlie 869
Goin, Jake 868
Phenix, Garret 867
X, Paul 866
Nasir, Uzair 865
Humberstone, Paul 864
Perira, Carlos 861
L, Gerald 860
Green, James 859
Deeg, Phil 855
X, Ahmad 854
Hopfner, Jordan 854
Belchamber, Mike 853
Chan, Ed 851
Monson, Steve 851
Jones, Patrick 849
Kelly, Brad 849
Dacruz, Paul 846
Cabay, Codie 845
X, Darnel 841
Blair, Scott 840
Jordan, Darren 837
Karmis, Pete 835
Marner, Danny 832
x, Liane 832
X, Eric 830
Szajko, Rob 830
X, Elliot 830
X, Bill 826
Wells, Kyle 825
x, Ryan 825
Taft, Spencer 824
Lehman, Blair 823
Volkman, Dallyn 822
Faulkner, Stephanii 822
Wood, Greg 818
Bozman, Kieran 818
Wong, Felix 818
Djakovic, Christoff 816
X, Corey 815
Thompson, Ray 815
Forsythe, Joel 809
Gibson, katy 809
W, Garret 809
Procaccini, Tony 808
X, Sam 807
X, Billy 807
Hugenschmidt, Colin 807
Moses, Kevin 807
Crockett!!, Ben 807
Phillips, Mike 806
O''Stream, Don 806
M, Judah 804
C, Erek 803
Hasiuk, Jody 803
K, Mike 803
Moir, Zak 803
X, Jarrell 802
Hodinski, Jasmine 801
Bennett, Doug 801
Baayens, Dean 801

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Apr 18 2012 2:39PM

Chris started playing competitive foos on April 15 2009. This tournament marks his 3rd year of foosin. Watching Chris develop into the player he is today has been incredible. When he first came out he didn't really understand the game or have much skill, and in our league today he would have got smoked by absolutely everyone.

If you recently started coming out to our league, he is the player you want to emulate and style your game after (or Ben- but they play very similar foos).

Chris sitting at 1130 points is an all time high for him, and it has been really well earned. In his last 15 tournaments he has four 1sts, two 2nds, and one 3rd place finish.

The reason Chris is so good is consistency. He doesn't swat the ball away when it comes to him, he catches it, sets it up, reads the defence, makes a decision, then executes a perfect play. Its the same process whether he has the ball on his 2 bar, 5 bar, or 3 row. So many players never break some really bad habits. If the ball is coming towards your 5 bar, try to catch it, not swat it away. Possession is everything in Foos. Chris has that nailed down in his mind, and plays truly like a Pro's pro. Keep up the good foosin Chris!

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Apr 18 2012 2:56PM

Ya Chris, nice work!

Now you just have to learn how to play for keeps and you'll be #1 in no time!

Author: Chris.K Reply #3 Posted: Apr 18 2012 3:46PM

Thanks for the kind words Will. My goal is ultimately to be able to hang with all the guys in front of me in the stats. Easier said than done but in time I am hoping to be there.

Playing for keeps is the key for sure Darcy, cause everyone know that "if you aint first, your last"! lol

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Apr 18 2012 5:59PM

I'd definitely say that you "hung" with me last night, you played better than I did in each match. Bob scored a lot from the bak and that made the difference in the match... You were perfect on every rod in my opinion. If either one of us knew what 5 bar D was it would have clinched the match for sure

Author: Chris.K Reply #5 Posted: Apr 18 2012 11:57PM

lol for sure.

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