Topic: Wed Foos Tourneys?

Author: Sniff Original Message Posted: May 9 2012 6:16PM

What does everyone think? Maybe we can start these up again. Wed gets some decent activity and then we can keep Friday chill like it is recently.

Maybe we can even do that pro tour thing that Will is running at the same time. Throw down some thoughts.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #1 Posted: May 10 2012 10:05AM

I threw down some thoughts. My wife stepped all over them, grinding them under foot. I guess I'll just go back to vacuousness. Far less confrontational. Let vacuous begin now!

Author: Robert G Reply #2 Posted: May 10 2012 2:17PM

I was not aware that you're capable of anything but vacuousness

Author: Robert G Reply #3 Posted: May 13 2012 11:01PM

I think it would be a great to start a weekly tourney
It may be quiet at first but if we make it available maybe more people will start to come out...
and its better practice for bigger tourneys

Author: Viper Reply #4 Posted: May 14 2012 1:21AM

Well, we need something to practice, especially if were planning to go too majors or anything out of town really.

However Wednesdays are impossible for me, since Fridays are really the only night I want to make that drive out.

Why don't we try to restart a Friday doubles once a month to start and ideally eventually improve that to once every two weeks.

If another day such as Wednesday works better for the majority of people though, up for discussion anyways?

Author: The Next One. Reply #5 Posted: May 26 2012 3:12AM

Are you guys gonna start one of these tournaments? IF so I'd like to be there

Author: TB Reply #6 Posted: May 29 2012 3:23PM

Viper, do you know if there is anywhere to play in surrey?

Author: TB Reply #7 Posted: Jun 1 2012 11:15AM

Just found a place in aldergrove with a tornado table. Station house pub on Fraser highway and station rd

Author: van_can_foos Reply #8 Posted: Jun 1 2012 11:16PM

As you could probably guess, I'd be in the same boat as Craig - Wednesdays are out of the question. But I may come out on Fridays (up to once a month) if there is a good turnout expected.

Maybe try "First Friday" of the month or something. (of course I just realized I should have posted this billiant idea a couple days ago if we wanted to try it this month)


Author: Sniff Reply #9 Posted: Jun 8 2012 1:10PM

Anyone reading the NW board? Maybe we should start doing once a month big tourneys that can draw in some people from down south (americano's).

Just Open Dubs - 50 bucks a team. No spots.

We can do it on a Sunday to get more people to come out.

If we get 10 teams at the start, then that's a 500 pot.

1st - 200
2nd - 120
3rd - 80
4th - 40
5th - 30
6th - 30

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