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Topic: Schanks Edmonton Bar

Author: Lazymonkeygod Original Message Posted: May 15 2012 9:32AM

There's a foosball table in that bar. How much is that table worth? Does anyone know the approx price?

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: May 15 2012 10:01AM

Haven't been there for a couple of years but the last time I was there they had a T-3000, they're around $1700 new. Used they usually range from $1100-$1500 depending on condition.

Author: Lazymonkeygod Reply #2 Posted: May 15 2012 10:22AM

they only have one type of table there?

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: May 15 2012 10:56AM

Can't say for sure now, but that's what i remember. If you grabbed a picture of it there are some foosball table guru's around here that could help you more than I.

Author: Lazymonkeygod Reply #4 Posted: May 15 2012 11:29AM

I don't really know what table they have as I've never been there. I'm hoping someone knows what they currently have. I was told the table there will probably be around $1200 and that's cheap for the table they have there. But according to what you've said, it's only a fair price. Not an excellant one.

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: May 15 2012 12:14PM

I have played on that table with 3 or 4 of our league players before, we go to Schanks for Monday Night Football. The tables they used to have were T-3000, and they were decent. They used to have two tables with lights too... Then I think they must have signed a contract with a different vendor or something, or somehow lost the two decent tables. They ended up with an old beat up T-2000 ( I can't remember which version of it, but its one of the marble sided or wood sided ones). The surface is warped so a ball won't roll true, and it is in very poor shape overall.

As a fooser, I wouldn't actually even pick it up if they asked me if I wanted it for free - except maybe to sell it. Someone would probably buy it because it is a Tornado, but its not worth playing on in my opinion. When the 4 of us were there we played about 2 goals worth of one game and decided it wasn't worth it. The next time we went back and I brought parts and lube to fix up the table, it still completely sucked.. so we stopped playing.

If you have $1200 to spend on a table, or even $900, you can get much better tables just by posting on here looking for one. I think Chad has a T-3000 and an older T-2000 that is in great shape too (Simon's table). You could also buy a Fireball from me if you wanted, Fireball tables are pretty awesome and can be seen at

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: May 15 2012 12:18PM

The Shanks table could probably be sold to a non-fooser(or anyone that doesn't know its value by looking at it) for $600-$800 or something though, considering the shape its in.

Author: Lazymonkeygod Reply #7 Posted: May 15 2012 1:22PM

Thanks for the reply guys.

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