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Topic: Looking to start promoting

Author: F.Q. Original Message Posted: Jun 3 2012 2:18PM

Hey Everybody,

I'm looking at buying a couple of tables and getting a scene started in Thunder Bay, and I'm wondering about something.

Is most of the "tour" in North America still run on 3-man goalie tables, or are they starting to migrate to the one-man for ITSF reasons?

I haven't decided if I'm going to do Tornado or Fireball yet. Does anyone know of any Fireball promoters in Minnesota (preferably Minneapolis/St. Paul and Northward? I'd like to try the table out before committing $$ to this.

Anyone who has played on Fireball, would you mind chiming in with your feedback on the playability and quality of the table?



Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Jun 3 2012 5:14PM

I have two tornado tables in two seperate locations. I have had no issues other than replacing the odd bumper and a broken roll pin. As long as you do the maintenance on a weekly or by weekly basis then the table will last a very long time. Make sure the surface is clean and wipe away any excess silicone build up on the men and bumpers wash the balls in hot water. This should be the same for a fire ball as it's a no brainer to look after your equipment.

Tornado is no longer in ITSF so I think they only make the three man goalie.

Author: Nelson Reply #2 Posted: Jun 6 2012 2:23PM


I'm not a fan of the black chrome paint/or whatever they put on the rods. It makes them stick and even after a few days of play (a few weeks ago at the Washington State Open) I found some of them still stick.

I also found the balls too bouncy/rubbery, which caused problem catching the ball when passing. I also found the ball moved slower, I prefer the faster/harder tornado ball. They would start out really grippy and then be slick at the end of the day.

Aside from those two things it's a great table. If they improved those 2 aspects then I would consider a Fireball table.

Author: Pixel Reply #3 Posted: Jun 6 2012 3:32PM

Hi Fred,

We're holding a large fireball tournament in Toronto in mid-June. You should come check out the tables there! And..ya know...maybe play or something? :) Details can be found on our facebook page:

And the flyer can be found here:

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