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Topic: what do you call a lesbien dinosaur

Author: WELL-ZE Original Message Posted: Jun 27 2012 11:30PM

A lick-alotta-puss!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #1 Posted: Jun 28 2012 8:41AM


Now that I have all your attention....

Who is up for foosball tonight?

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Jun 28 2012 11:51AM

What did the 0 say to the 8?

You look funny with that belt on.

I'm in for foos tonight! We'll be doing set up for the tourney this weekend tonight!

Author: Bank Machine Reply #3 Posted: Jun 28 2012 1:03PM

thats terrible Kyle, what next... a Megasoreass?

Anyway ya, whats up for FOOSIN today?

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