Topic: Foos Thursday at Duke''s

Author: .Garry Original Message Posted: Jul 19 2012 11:29AM

Darcy & I are going to be there. Depending on the turnout we will decide what event we are running.

C [uthere)

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Jul 19 2012 11:43AM


Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Jul 25 2012 11:13AM

I'll be at Dukes tomorrow night for anyone else who wants to come down and Foos!

Author: Bank Machine Reply #3 Posted: Jul 26 2012 11:13AM

A great day for foosball indeed. I will be there.

Dont Be a Dooche, and Play Foos!

Author: Darcy Reply #4 Posted: Jul 26 2012 1:11PM

Should be a pretty good turnout tonight, see you guys there!

Author: Darcy Reply #5 Posted: Aug 2 2012 11:59AM

Seems like there's a few posts missing around here.

Still heading to Dukes tonight, should be a good crowd, see you there!


Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Aug 2 2012 5:36PM

Cool I think i'm down for this too!

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: Aug 3 2012 12:56PM

Good crowd and good fun last night, lookin forward to next week!

Author: Darcy Reply #8 Posted: Aug 8 2012 3:24PM

Going to Dukes tomorrow night, should be fun, as always.

See you there!

Author: Darcy Reply #9 Posted: Aug 9 2012 10:01AM


Author: .Garry Reply #10 Posted: Aug 9 2012 7:54PM

I'll be there by 8-Simon might also show

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Aug 9 2012 8:20PM

Simon... great. I was going to come until you said that!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: Aug 9 2012 8:36PM

We are all relieved you're staying home

Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Aug 9 2012 8:53PM

Play me a money match and I'll come!

Author: Will Reply #14 Posted: Aug 9 2012 8:53PM

Garry is reffing.

Author: Darcy Reply #15 Posted: Aug 10 2012 10:01AM

Awesome night of foos, had some great players out and tons of good games, lookin forward to the next one!

Author: .Garry Reply #16 Posted: Aug 10 2012 11:18AM

Ya , it was nice to see the high quality of players out. Not very often most everyone shows at the same venue- Christian, where were u????

Author: RezaREX Reply #17 Posted: Aug 10 2012 11:39AM

Took a couple weeks off. I'll be back!!!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #18 Posted: Aug 10 2012 12:45PM

Hey Darcy, your game looks a lot better than the last time I played you. Your five looks a lot more confident. You just need to learn to stop my dead ball passes

Author: Darcy Reply #19 Posted: Aug 10 2012 1:14PM

hah, it's coming along slowly, thanks. It was good to see you out again, it's been a while!

Author: .Garry Reply #20 Posted: Aug 10 2012 3:32PM

I know how to stop his dead ball passes- call a

Author: Will Reply #21 Posted: Aug 10 2012 4:46PM

I'll ref! I think his stopped ball pass is still moving just a little bit.

Author: Darcy Reply #22 Posted: Aug 10 2012 4:56PM

Ya, sometimes you can help him keep the ball going with a well timed jar.

Author: Darcy Reply #23 Posted: Aug 15 2012 10:36AM

Dukes tomorrow night! Last week was awesome, hopefully we can get another good turn out!

Author: .Garry Reply #24 Posted: Aug 16 2012 6:04PM

Looks like Darcy won't be making it...he only has 1 usable wrist...doh!!!!!

I'll be there at about 730

Author: Darcy Reply #25 Posted: Aug 22 2012 4:18PM

Hey guys, I'm down an arm but Dukes will still be a go tomorrow. new bumpers and fixed men, should be a good time!

Author: .Garry Reply #26 Posted: Aug 22 2012 6:46PM

I'm not able to make it Thursday.

Author: Darcy Reply #27 Posted: Aug 23 2012 5:36PM

Dukes tonight!!!

Author: Darcy Reply #28 Posted: Aug 30 2012 2:10PM

Foosin at Dukes tonight!

Author: melanoir Reply #29 Posted: Aug 30 2012 3:56PM

8pm or 9:30 ?
do i have time for a nap before everyone shows up

Author: Darcy Reply #30 Posted: Aug 30 2012 4:09PM

i'll be there at 8!

Author: Darcy Reply #31 Posted: Sep 6 2012 11:24AM

Dukes tonight!!!

Author: Darcy Reply #32 Posted: Sep 13 2012 12:44PM

Foosin Tonight!!!!!!! I'll be there at 8.

Author: .Garry Reply #33 Posted: Sep 13 2012 7:33PM

I'll be there as well.

Author: Darcy Reply #34 Posted: Sep 19 2012 9:59AM

Dukes Tomorrow night!

Author: Darcy Reply #35 Posted: Sep 25 2012 11:57AM

Dukes this Thursday.... might be the last chance to beat me while I have this cast on... it comes off next week!

Author: Darcy Reply #36 Posted: Sep 27 2012 8:02AM

Dukes tonight!!

Author: .Garry Reply #37 Posted: Sep 27 2012 7:20PM

I'll be there.

Might be the last chance Darcy can use his arm as an

Author: Darcy Reply #38 Posted: Oct 4 2012 3:32PM

Not going to be at Dukes tonight, but Garry said to post for him that he'd be there at 8!

Author: .Garry Reply #39 Posted: Oct 4 2012 8:14PM

Thanks Darcy

I'll be there at 8-no Darcy to kick around...any takers???

Author: Darcy Reply #40 Posted: Oct 11 2012 11:47AM

Dukes Tonight! No cast, should be a good time!

Author: Darcy Reply #41 Posted: Oct 17 2012 4:29PM

Dukes tomorrow night, should be some good casual foos before the league starts.

FYI, Dukes will continue to run on Thursdays and sooner than later I'll be holding learning sessions for newer players. Wana learn how to perfect your Snake shot? Squeeze bank? Wall pass? Show up before 8 and I'll spend some time going over the most requested skill that night.

See ya there!

Author: .Garry Reply #42 Posted: Oct 17 2012 5:09PM

Who's going to teach you though?????

Author: Darcy Reply #43 Posted: Oct 17 2012 5:29PM

I was going to kinda just learn on the fly.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #44 Posted: Oct 17 2012 6:18PM

I'd like to sign up for Squeeze Bank lessons

Author: Darcy Reply #45 Posted: Oct 18 2012 11:34AM

Squeeeze for the win! Dukes Tonight!

Author: Will Reply #46 Posted: Oct 18 2012 6:38PM

Darcy - that is really cool. I hope that a lot of players take you up on that offer... Trust that there is a TON you can learn from Darcy if you want to be an up and coming foosball player in Edmonton. Even if you think "I'm too good to learn".. Is your roller better than Darcy's? I doubt it. Blocking? probably not. 5 bar? Maybe if you are one of the pro's that has been around for decades.

Pay attention and learn from Darcy for a few minutes and your game will come a long way.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #47 Posted: Oct 19 2012 11:00AM

Great games last night!

Five Bar Hack

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #48 Posted: Oct 19 2012 11:03AM

Where was team BTY to back me up?, usually Thursday is busy at Dukes

Author: .Garry Reply #49 Posted: Oct 20 2012 7:42AM

"Where was team BTY to back me?"

Kyle, BTY= Better Take'm Yourself!!!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #50 Posted: Oct 20 2012 11:06AM

That should be pretty easy for a BTY member

Author: Darcy Reply #51 Posted: Oct 25 2012 2:09PM

It's that time of week people!

Dukes tonight!

Author: Darcy Reply #52 Posted: Nov 1 2012 3:07PM

Arm's starting to feel better, come get some!

Dukes Thursday!

Author: Darcy Reply #53 Posted: Nov 8 2012 10:33AM

Dukes tonight!

Author: Darcy Reply #54 Posted: Nov 8 2012 10:35AM

Good practice for next weeks finals, come one, come all!

Author: Darcy Reply #55 Posted: Nov 22 2012 2:30PM

Foosin at Dukes tonight, should be quite a few of us.

See you there!

Author: Darcy Reply #56 Posted: Nov 29 2012 10:30AM

Dukes tonight, see you there!

Author: melanoir Reply #57 Posted: Nov 29 2012 3:08PM

lets get some teams out to get some practice

Author: Darcy Reply #58 Posted: Dec 6 2012 11:54AM

Foosin tonight around 830!! See ya there.

Author: Darcy Reply #59 Posted: Dec 13 2012 10:38AM

Foosin around 830 again tonight! See you guys there.

Author: Darcy Reply #60 Posted: Dec 19 2012 9:52PM

foosing tomorrow at 8pm! come get some pick up games in!

Author: Darcy Reply #61 Posted: Jan 3 2013 8:40AM

Foosing tonight at 8pm. Time to get back at it foosers!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #62 Posted: Jan 3 2013 1:19PM

If we get enough people out lets do a tournament!!!

Money Ball

Author: Darcy Reply #63 Posted: Jan 3 2013 1:34PM

we could do a single table single elim dyp with pickup games on the the other table if there are enough players.

Author: Darcy Reply #64 Posted: Jan 10 2013 10:52AM

Foosnight tonight at Dukes!

Author: Darcy Reply #65 Posted: Jan 17 2013 2:07PM

Hey guys, won't be heading down to Dukes tonight, and I'll be in Atlanta next Thursday to boot.

Will let you know when Dukes is back on!

Author: Darcy Reply #66 Posted: Jan 31 2013 8:56AM

Heading to Dukes tonight for some foose, see you there!

Author: melanoir Reply #67 Posted: Jan 31 2013 10:44AM

yeah gonna bring some hardware to show off?

Author: Darcy Reply #68 Posted: Jan 31 2013 12:00PM

I just might!

Author: Darcy Reply #69 Posted: Feb 7 2013 8:47AM

Foosing at Dukes tonight, cmon down!

Author: Will Reply #70 Posted: Feb 7 2013 2:40PM

Sweet, me too! Zoe and I need some doubles practice for Portland, we leave at 10 tomorrow AM so this is your last shot at the open mixed champs.

Author: Darcy Reply #71 Posted: Feb 14 2013 9:14AM

Hey guys, not doing Dukes today on account of V-Day, have a good one!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #72 Posted: Feb 14 2013 9:17AM

!!! Love over Foos !!! How about the love for foos? hahahahah just joshing

Where do you folks want to go tonight Dukes or TO?

Author: Will Reply #73 Posted: Feb 14 2013 2:37PM

I'll be at TO with Zoe and I think Karli said she was gonna head down too. Conrad sent me a text saying they might be coming. Chad and Katy will come if they get their BBsitter also. Hope to see some more down at Time Out tonight!

Author: Darcy Reply #74 Posted: Feb 21 2013 12:09PM

Foosing tonight at Dukes!!! Should be fun.

Author: .Garry Reply #75 Posted: Feb 21 2013 6:14PM


Author: Darcy Reply #76 Posted: Feb 28 2013 1:38PM

Hey guys, not going to be at Dukes tonight, but we're back on track next thursday!

Author: Darcy Reply #77 Posted: Mar 1 2013 1:03PM

Funny story from last night:

Went over to Dukes early to fix the table leg on table 2. Dan was helping me and we were having a conversation about getting more people out when we overheard one of the guys playing pool say to his buddy:

"I know this guy that played on the national foosball team. He's like one of the best 5 players in the country."

So naturally our ears perked up and I'm like, "You mean me?"

He shut me down cold and goes "No, my buddy Cam Burrows."

As he was clearly mistaken, I didn't really have the heart to tell him that Cam was actually top 5 in the world. Good to see people talking about Foosball though!

Author: Cam. Reply #78 Posted: Mar 1 2013 1:56PM

ha! top 5, not even close!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #79 Posted: Mar 1 2013 3:45PM

hehe we have a legend in our midst!!

Author: Will Reply #80 Posted: Mar 1 2013 5:09PM

Top 50 probably

Author: Will Reply #81 Posted: Mar 1 2013 5:10PM

Probably in the top 5 foosball players from Sherwood Park!

Author: Darcy Reply #82 Posted: Mar 7 2013 11:47AM

Heading to Dukes tonight for some Foosball!

See you at 8!

Author: Darcy Reply #83 Posted: Apr 10 2013 4:06PM

We'll be at Dukes tomorrow night (Thursday the 11th) for some fooooooooooosball!

Come join us!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #84 Posted: Apr 11 2013 2:08PM


I'll be there at 8 pm

Author: domi nate Reply #85 Posted: Apr 12 2013 6:43PM

shit i missed it. I got this number for Darcy 780 964 7691 but a stranger replied, and I found but it came back undeliverable. Dukes tonight?

Author: Darcy Reply #86 Posted: Apr 15 2013 11:31AM

Hey man, it's 7698 and the email address is

Shoot me a message and we'll get some games in!

Author: .Garry Reply #87 Posted: Apr 16 2013 1:59PM

At least you spelled Darcy

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #88 Posted: Apr 18 2013 10:19AM


Are we duking tonight, if not I am heading to Champs for a few pick up games

If we get enough folks out lets do a dyp or something

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