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Author: cnote Original Message Posted: Aug 27 2012 11:06AM

Post here if you are interested in a 20.00 entry Foosball Fantasy Football League. We have room for 4 new teams this year. Anyone who was in last year post and confirm that you are in again your spots are held. Thanks

Author: cnote Reply #1 Posted: Aug 27 2012 11:07AM

More details to come later........

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Aug 27 2012 3:13PM

I'm in. If you like sports and are going to miss hockey this year, Fantasy Football is the most fun game ever. You don't need to know anything about football to play, but you will end up knowing a fair amount more about football than you do now if you do play... oh yeah and its a ton of fun.

Author: Chris.K Reply #3 Posted: Aug 28 2012 11:21AM

Im in if ya got room. Been missing the foos. Back tonight

Author: viperx101 Reply #4 Posted: Aug 28 2012 12:55PM

Im in as well!

Author: cnote Reply #5 Posted: Aug 28 2012 2:19PM

So far........
Chris K
Mike J ????

Author: cnote Reply #6 Posted: Aug 28 2012 4:08PM

now two more


Author: cnote Reply #7 Posted: Aug 28 2012 4:09PM

Max of 2 spots left........

Author: S. Wilkins Reply #8 Posted: Aug 28 2012 4:38PM

I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: cnote Reply #9 Posted: Aug 28 2012 5:10PM

All right got you Sam. One last spot remains......

Author: S. Wilkins Reply #10 Posted: Aug 29 2012 11:31AM

Is there a date set for the draft?!

Author: cnote Reply #11 Posted: Aug 31 2012 10:13AM

Wed, the 5th is the evening we do the draft.

Author: S. Wilkins Reply #12 Posted: Aug 31 2012 12:46PM


Author: cnote Reply #13 Posted: Aug 31 2012 2:26PM

You will be able to log in from any computer. However it might be more fun if we meet up somewhere and set up a lap top. If someone has a lap top we can use then we can meet up wherever. Ideas???

Author: Will Reply #14 Posted: Aug 31 2012 2:44PM

Everyone will need there own laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet or something... You CAN use two browsers on one device to log in two different people. but if we could just meet at someones house that has Wifi and everyone brings a device that works. Of course if someone can't attend they could log in from home and draft online.

Lets go with Wednesday at 8:30? Anyone want to host this thing?

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