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Author: dfnder Original Message Posted: Sep 6 2012 1:34PM


I am looking to start a beginner level (fun atmosphere) event every two weeks to try and promote foosball. I am looking for opinions on what night and time people think would be best for Soho. Tentative plan is to have Moya and I alternate running it.

I was thinking of doing something which is not on Sunday night for two reasons.

1)I feel I want to shelter the new players, not everyone is into hard core competition and my idea is to promote people meeting to play for fun first. That way the few that are into competition can move on to meet the Vets.
2)so it would not to interfere with what Nelson is doing. Also if the Sunday nights become strong I dont want to push out the beginner events.

So your thoughts would be appreciated, Peter

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Sep 6 2012 2:21PM

I recall you guys doing something on Tuesday nights at the old Soho location ...

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