Topic: Oregon - Western Open 2 - Fireball - Oct 12-14

Author: Sniff Original Message Posted: Sep 18 2012 12:12PM

Cool update about the Oregon tourney from the td.

Hi Everyone,
25 days until the Western Open 2, I hope you all can make it to what should be another fun Fireball tourney.
Things are looking good, I'll be picking up the trophies and medals once I return from the US Open in Albany New York.
The tables are here and ready to go. We have a couple of large sponsors who will be comming to see just what it is we want them to get behind. So we're looking for a good size crowd watching the finals on Sunday, I think we will accomplish this. We have folks from the Beaverton city council to make an apperance along with directors from Nike. We will be filming the finals with equipment from work which will be put together for promotional use. We also have close to 25-30 new players who will also be showing up from my work and several other businesses in the area. I think some are planning to play but some are still skiddish yet but they are excited about the event and want to see how real foosball is played. And we welcome them all to show up and support our sport.
The Shilo Inns food and beverage mngr (Derrick) called me and asked what type of food and beverages we would like to have at the food booth just outside the event room. you know hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, chips, cookies, beer, wine, bottled water stuff like that. Remember this booth will be cash only. So if you would please let me know who plans on showing up and let me know what munchies and things you would like to have. That way Derrick and crew will be ready for us. And we still have the resturant and bar for breakfast and dinner for larger meals. And when you reserve your room please tell the hotel you are with the foosball tourney. That way they can group you in the proper building.
That should do it for now, I do want to thank everyone for your help and support for this event and hope to see you there with a trophy in your hand

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Sep 18 2012 2:24PM

Here ya go Jeffiah ...

Author: Sniff Reply #2 Posted: Sep 18 2012 5:43PM

I know.. I can't figure that out.

Crazy if all the sponsors show up. Get some Nike Wraps.

Author: moyatielens Reply #3 Posted: Oct 11 2012 11:57PM


Soo...anyone going to this????

Author: Robert G Reply #4 Posted: Oct 12 2012 12:34PM


Author: foosghost Reply #5 Posted: Oct 12 2012 4:48PM

Yup. Darren and I are headed down now.

Author: Sniff Reply #6 Posted: Oct 15 2012 4:59PM

Good results:

1st Justin Shaw, Robert Gingell Friday DYP Winner
2nd Craig Williams, Matt Cox Friday DYP 11:31 AM Eliminated

Forward Shootout
1st Robert Gingell Forward Shootout Winner

Open Dubs
5th/6th Robert Gingell, Craig Williams (7)

And good ol pipkin cleaned up and won the trip to france.

Author: Viper Reply #7 Posted: Oct 15 2012 9:43PM

You forgot one ball!

Author: Sniff Reply #8 Posted: Oct 16 2012 12:09PM

actually I had that, but, then, forgot to post.

Also missed Darren and Eric's results, but, was tired and brain wasn't working well. The usual.

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