Topic: Thanksgiving Sunday

Author: tony Original Message Posted: Oct 3 2012 10:27PM

do you guys still play sundays? i'll be in town this weekend and will come down if you are having a tourney..

happy thanksgiving

Author: Sniff Reply #1 Posted: Oct 4 2012 12:34PM

Tony we doing every second sunday tournaments, and this sunday is not one of those.

I am usually down there at some point regardless, not sure if anyone else was planning on coming out.

Author: tony Reply #2 Posted: Oct 5 2012 12:06PM


If you or any others think you're up for some foos on sunday night let me know and I'll check this board or just text me 403-617-4950. Cheers

Author: Nelson Reply #3 Posted: Oct 6 2012 12:03PM

Actually there IS a tournament on Sunday. Come by 8:30.

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