Topic: Foosball League starting in Edmonton!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Oct 12 2012 3:31PM

Register your team for the Edmonton Foosball League!

The EFL teams play games on Tuesday Nights starting at 8:00. The first week for the EFL is October 23rd, schedules will be released on October 19th.

Teams are not allowed to have more than two Pro or Pro Master ranked players based on the Table Soccer Association of Canada’s player rankings. ITSF rules apply to all matches (
Team Captains must fill out and email the registration form in by Oct 18th – anyone can be a team captain, as long as they have enough players that are willing to join their team. Teams can consist of either 4 or 5 players. You need 4 to have a full roster sheet, with 5 you will have all 5 people playing matches, but some people won’t play an equal amount as others.

Each team must pick a home location. The location must be in a public venue that serves food and drinks (liquor not mandatory). The table has to be maintained to a reasonable level as determined by the EFL (no broken or missing men, rods lubricated, balls must be round). The table must be made by any ITSF certified manufacturer or Tornado.

If you want to play but do not have a team, you are advised to post on the message board looking for players. You can also email and be a sub for teams when they are missing a player. Team Registration fees are $20 per month and will apply until 2013 – registration fees will go towards a trophy to have team names engraved upon at the end of each cycle starting in 2013.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Oct 12 2012 3:32PM

Each weekly contest consists of 8 matches - 4 Singles and 4 Doubles. S1 (Singles 1) plays against S1 on the other team. The players compete against each other in 3 games to 5. All 3 games must be played regardless of score and who wins each game. After those games are complete, the D1 (Doubles 1) teams compete against each other.

The visiting team sets the roster by filling out a Match Card by 8:00 pm on game day. Failure to fill out a match card by 8:00 results in a loss by the score of 120-40. Anyone on the team can fill out a match card; the team must be present by 8:15 at the location to play the match. Any players not present for their game result in a forfeit of 15-0 in that game.

The home team receives the match card at 8:00 pm, and has until 8:15 to fill out their side of the match card. This allows the home team to set which players they want to have compete against the other teams players.

Every tier will have 4 teams (or as close as possible to 4 teams in the lower tiers). In a tier of 4 teams each team play against the other 3 teams in a cycle. At the end of the 3 week cycle the top 2 teams in the standings play off against each other on the 4th week, with the winner moving up into the next tier. The lower ranked 2 teams play against each other and the loser of that match moves down a tier.

Email me if you want the full document with more information and tables attached to it for explanation.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Oct 13 2012 2:40PM

A lot of chatter via text and in person... but nobody posting about it!

If you have a friend that you want to play with but don't have a team.. If you want to start a team but need another player or two.. If you just want to play but don't have anyone lined up yet... If your team is formed and you want to announce it...

Post on this board!

I heard something about Roger putting a team together already....

It looks like we'll have teams from Beer Hunter West and St. Albert, from Portuguese Sports Bar, Dukes (Darcy?), Elephant and Castle, maybe even the Crown Pub.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Oct 13 2012 2:41PM

Of course we will probably have several teams from Time Out. Each table can host a maximum of 2 teams. So in a pub that has one table, you can have 2 teams. In Time Out 6 teams could be based out of it.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: Oct 13 2012 5:09PM

Team BTY is looking for a couple af players to play out of the west end BH. So far it's Christian an me and a couple of the beer hunter babes for spares. Send me a message if you want to join BTY

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #5 Posted: Oct 14 2012 2:26PM

As of yesterday I am a free agent. Anyone looking to start a team?

Author: Chris.K Reply #6 Posted: Oct 15 2012 11:00AM

Im Stoked! Should be a pretty fun format. ;)

Author: Chris.K Reply #7 Posted: Oct 15 2012 11:01AM

Lets get some team layouts on here!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #8 Posted: Oct 15 2012 11:31AM

From what I heard, So far we have...

Garry, Darcy, Conrad and ?

Will, Chris, Sam, Cam and Ben

Simon, Christan, Kyle and ?

Roger, Mike, Ritchie, Carry and ?

Author: melanoir Reply #9 Posted: Oct 15 2012 11:38AM

how are the tiered charts gonna be posted?

i love the idea about teams...i have been trying to convince people for awhile

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #10 Posted: Oct 15 2012 12:55PM

I had the same question Kimber! Perhaps we should use Tuesday for some QandA.

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Oct 15 2012 5:21PM

We'll total up the teams points from the "Western Canada Points" list and then figure out which teams start in which tier.

We should have more teams than this, I think a lot of people are hesitant to start a team. Even if you aren't a pro, start a team that you are the best player on... Talk to some friends that don't foos much or find some lower ranked players. Take that team and start in the lowest tier and then as you teach people, have them learn and you can win your way into the higher tiers.

Author: Will Reply #12 Posted: Oct 15 2012 5:51PM

Garry, Dan, Darcy, Conrad, Maria

Will Chris Ben Sam Cam

Simon, Christian, Kyle, (looking for one or two more)

Roger, Mike, Carey, Ritchie

Other people that probably want a team but I dont know for sure:
Tse, Desmond 1113
Robichaud, Ray 980
Spencer, Chad 942
Bombak, Taras 904
Gallant, Chris 896
Mothersell, Scott 878
Coloma, Mike 877
Phenix, Garret 867
Bozman, Kieran 849
Mah, Wayne 837
Chan, Ed 830
Schiebelbein, Karli 825 (and Ben Crockett)
Djakovic, Christoff 816
Jamerson, Rick 805

Bob and his brother might be looking for a team.

Jamie, Lindsey, Shane... might be talked into coming out of retirement.

Tom is an good pro that could play if 2 or 3 people that really want a good mentor can talk him into it.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #13 Posted: Oct 15 2012 7:19PM

Lets hear some Team names!

BTY is gonna crush you ladies!

Author: Chatter_Box Reply #14 Posted: Oct 17 2012 1:42PM

looking for another teammate or 2!
So far my team is Karli(me), Ben Crockett, Elliot Thomas.
One thing you need to know Elliot and I teach til 8:45 on Tuesdays so we will always be late

Hopefully we can convince the opposing team to maybe start some of the games a bit later......

Author: .Garry Reply #15 Posted: Oct 17 2012 3:59PM

Dukes has 2 tables and can take another Home team out of there.

Darcy is team captain and can name the long as it isn't lame. USWD?

Author: Darcy Reply #16 Posted: Oct 17 2012 4:23PM

As official team captain i hereby declare our team name as TBAM (These Balls Are Marbles!) and promote Garry to the role of assistant captain.

I now resign my commission as captain.

Author: .Garry Reply #17 Posted: Oct 17 2012 5:17PM

However lame it is, I like it...TBAM it is. Makes a sound similar to a Kimber????

Author: S. Edwards Reply #18 Posted: Oct 17 2012 6:17PM

Sounds more like TBAG. That's probably more fitting for your team

Author: .Garry Reply #19 Posted: Oct 17 2012 6:33PM

I didn't want to take name. I heard stories about you & Christian and just assumed that was a backup name for your team.

Author: Taras Reply #20 Posted: Oct 18 2012 1:31AM

Karli -- I haven't joined any team yet and could play for yours if you'd like.

Marko would probably be available also as the 5th.

Author: Chatter_Box Reply #21 Posted: Oct 18 2012 11:58AM

Sounds good Taras! you can be our 4th!
And if Marko is available that would be great too

Author: Will Reply #22 Posted: Oct 18 2012 3:04PM

This is looking great! I think we should have between 8-10 teams for the first month! Send in your registrations please. - I can email you the form to fill out. I need names, phone numbers, and email addresses for everyone.

Author: Chatter_Box Reply #23 Posted: Oct 18 2012 5:05PM

Taras, I need your phone number and email addy for registration and Markos as well if he is playing.
Send it to

Author: Will Reply #24 Posted: Oct 18 2012 5:27PM

We have a bunch of teams that are going to have great competition! Tier 1 is obviously shaping up well, but Tier 2 and 3 are coming along well too! If you are captaining a team, email me and I'll send you the registration form!

Author: .Garry Reply #25 Posted: Oct 18 2012 7:33PM

"That's probably more fitting for your team"

It's back available with no conflicts...our new team name is Foos Off!!!!!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #26 Posted: Oct 18 2012 8:44PM

Didn't you already lose once or twice with that name

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #27 Posted: Oct 19 2012 10:52AM


You should call your team FoosFighters!!!

Simon what does BTY stand for anyway?
Back To You
Best This Year
Best Team Yet


Author: S. Edwards Reply #28 Posted: Oct 19 2012 4:38PM

Better Than You

Author: Cam! Reply #29 Posted: Oct 24 2012 6:28PM

Surprised there is no talk about last night yet, I had a blast! It seemed like everything at T.O. went smoothly.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #30 Posted: Oct 24 2012 6:47PM

BTY won as expected.

Author: Thewop99 Reply #31 Posted: Oct 24 2012 7:19PM

It was a great time !!!!

Author: RezaREX Reply #32 Posted: Oct 24 2012 10:53PM

The school year had definitely started against the Foosball University. Not only was BTY crowned champions but we gave a flawless lecture on how to win without scoring from the three-row. Take notes!

Author: melanoir Reply #33 Posted: Oct 25 2012 9:36AM

oh don't worry Christian...everybody noticed you couldn't score on your three rod...except for a long pull

and i hardly call winning the event by 3 goals a crowning achievement

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #34 Posted: Oct 25 2012 9:54AM

I Do!

Kimber go Timber

Author: Cam! Reply #35 Posted: Oct 25 2012 10:01AM

Go Timber Kimber!

Author: melanoir Reply #36 Posted: Oct 25 2012 12:13PM

Listen if i ever see you guys carrying an axe yelling Timber Kimber

expect a kick to the junk :)

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #37 Posted: Oct 25 2012 1:56PM

LOL!!! haahahahahahahahha

Author: Cam! Reply #38 Posted: Oct 25 2012 2:39PM

If you saw us carrying an axe yelling Timber Kimber, you should expect an axe to the legs

Author: Will Reply #39 Posted: Oct 25 2012 3:06PM

Whoa... Trash talk just got REAL. Is this just because Kimber is tall?

Author: Will Reply #40 Posted: Oct 25 2012 3:34PM

There is one more new club looking to be added to next months competition. If we get another then we will have 3 tiers for next month.

Author: Darcy Reply #41 Posted: Oct 25 2012 3:35PM

There used to be a Kimber street, but it was changed because nobody crosses The Kimber and lives.

Author: Will Reply #42 Posted: Oct 25 2012 3:37PM

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #43 Posted: Oct 25 2012 4:14PM


Who is captain of this new team??? Ahmed was B I T C H ing about midterms and availability this month. I can pitch this new team to him if they are still looking for players!

Author: Cam! Reply #44 Posted: Oct 25 2012 4:15PM

Didn't BTY just cross the kimber and live to talk about it?

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #45 Posted: Oct 25 2012 4:24PM

From what I recall Christian was putting his balls in Kimber's holes all night and he left with a smile on his face

Author: Darcy Reply #46 Posted: Oct 25 2012 4:26PM

The Kimber and Superman once fought each other on a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #47 Posted: Oct 25 2012 4:28PM


Author: WELL-ZE Reply #48 Posted: Oct 25 2012 4:49PM

That is underwear Superman is wearing? I thought it was his protective cup to stop him from getting kicked in the junk!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #49 Posted: Oct 25 2012 8:19PM

all this trash talking brings back some old memories of the way foos use to be in Edmonton. Mostly we trashed on each others shots like Garry - you're back pins suck! or Garry, you're defense blows goats or Garry, you're the flukiest player in Edmonton. Inevitably Garry would try to trash back with a comment on bad spelling

Author: RezaREX Reply #50 Posted: Oct 25 2012 11:31PM

Garry has a backpin? He hasn't shot it on me in years except when he forgets that it doesn't score. Garry has a defense? I just assumed he took a seat when it was on my three because the ball just disappears into the net after every shot. Garry is fluky? Well, I might buy that except the ball never comes off his bar fast enough that I can't save the junk.

As for Kimber? I just want to know how even when I screw up and miss the wide open hole the ball still finds it's way into your net. Seems like this tree is missing it's trunk...I'm not sure what that means but you're men have skinny legs apparently. He definitely got "filled in"

Pretty sweet leader board too Will. Interesting how the leader wasn't able to get 7 in every match like members from BTY were. Dreams of a perfect season dashed after week 1...such a shame.

Ahhhh...I'm feeling almost nostalgic. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up driving to Rosario's next Tuesday by accident, thinking the whole way about how I'm gonna lay a beat down on Trynchuck, Dale C, Shane, Lance and maybe throw in some Ustina, Shields and that new kid Stranks for seasoning.

BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #51 Posted: Oct 26 2012 8:38AM

Christian, you know the points lists and and leader boards are only posted for the glorification of Wills massive ego! They will be manipulated to find a way to always have Will on top! It's truly a shame how not one member of the "Elite" foosball team didn't win every game they played lololol!

After we put the hurt on the Elite team on Tuesday we might want to change our team name on Wednesday to "BTY - Beat Them Yesterday"

Author: Will Reply #52 Posted: Oct 26 2012 1:26PM

Sorry Christian and Simon, next time should I sort it Alphabetically? That is how we could get you two higher than me on a points list

I find it funny that you guys talk about not losing a game.. You dangled Ray and Kyle like cherry's against the other teams pro's because you are busy statboosting by partnering up with each other.

At least Ben and I (the two pro's on our team) partnered up with our amateur players in all of our doubles matches.

Speaking of statboosting... we play you guys this week.

Here is my challenge. When you set your roster against us... don't HIDE from me. I want one of you to play me in singles and I want to play both of you in doubles.

I know.. I know... its not good strategy for your team to have your two best players rendered ineffective by putting them against me.. but bring it anyway. I think you two might be foolish enough to bend over and take it.

Author: Will Reply #53 Posted: Oct 26 2012 1:40PM

Ugh. the first dog is peeing on Christian... but the other one appears to have missed Simon.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #54 Posted: Oct 26 2012 4:31PM

"You dangled Ray and Kyle like cherry's against the other teams pro's because you are busy statboosting by partnering up with each other"

Was that not Foosball University that did the matching? They were home team!

Author: Will Reply #55 Posted: Oct 26 2012 4:52PM

Yeah but you guys had the choice first. You could have had Simon with you and Simon with Ray, then Christian with you and Christian with Ray.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #56 Posted: Oct 26 2012 5:12PM

You sound scared!!!

You should be!

BTY is going to crush you

Author: Will Reply #57 Posted: Oct 26 2012 5:19PM

Seeing as I laid down the challenge... I think you are right Kyle, Christian and Simon are so scared they won't even acknowledge it, much less accept it.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #58 Posted: Oct 26 2012 5:19PM

Very mediocre come back Will. I expected a more cerebral response.
Anyway, it didn't really matter how we chose our roster against Foosball Elementary. We still would have won. Truth is you couldn't get a perfect night against a weak stick pilon team like ALLGAY - sorry I mean ALLDAY

Author: Will Reply #59 Posted: Oct 26 2012 5:52PM

My team is in first place in the standings and I'm in first place for goal differential - that is what I call a perfect night.

Oh... one more thing... Take a look at this party!

24 Foosballs dancing with baloons!!! 24 Foosballs that found there way to the back of your net on Tuesday!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #60 Posted: Oct 26 2012 6:10PM

I stand corrected. It's you that's ALLGAY!

Author: Will Reply #61 Posted: Oct 28 2012 2:01PM

Nice one, very clever.

Author: Will Reply #62 Posted: Oct 29 2012 3:15PM

No trash talk between ALLDAY and Foos University? Roger is gonna double tap his way to victory no matter who he plays... Ritchie will eat Darcy for lunch if that matchup happens too, so I'm picking Roger and Mikes team to school FU all day long. 88-70 prediction!

Author: Darcy Reply #63 Posted: Oct 29 2012 3:34PM

ya, pick on the guy with one arm. Smoooooth.

Also, we wouldn't trash talk such an upstanding group as AllDay, those guys are all class.

Author: Will Reply #64 Posted: Oct 29 2012 4:01PM

I just know Ritchie will block you really well, I wasn't picking on your left arm anyway there gimpy.

has a on you.

Author: Darcy Reply #65 Posted: Oct 30 2012 10:22AM

agreed, I hope i limp out of the match with at least one good arm.

Author: .Garry Reply #66 Posted: Oct 31 2012 11:21AM

Ritchie bailed at 5, I had to get Dale T to come out and play for ALLGAY.

It took Dale a little while to get some of his game back-he hasn't really played much in the last few years, but he did a good job, and was an asset them by the end of the night.

Thanks for coming out(sounds weird to say that since he played for ALLGAY)

Author: C.A.L. Reply #67 Posted: Oct 31 2012 1:09PM

In summary the Team play event was an interesting match-up of some unknowns. Final Tally 86 - 84 for Foos Univ. over ALLDAY!

The evening started with unknowns also as table maintenance was required in almost every way possible.
Surface cleaning due to coke spilled from previous night.
Balls had been placed in the other table by "others".
Ball return adjustments and a broken man replacement.
Table leveling "attempts" and the Ritchie replacement.
.....ONE HOUR later from when the cleaning started and about 6 or so table re-openings some normalcy was achieved.

So despite all that having Dale T. accepting being a replacement on short notice and be effective was a positive in of its self. Thanks to Gary and Dale T.

Author: Darcy Reply #68 Posted: Oct 31 2012 1:56PM

I kinda feel like that's a poke at me a bit. I'm sorry things weren't perfect for you guys to show up early and practice, it's always my intention to have the tables lubed, maintained and ready for anyone who comes down but obviously that's difficult given the environment.

In the end though, we started close enough to on time, and not much later than we received your lineup sheet. Things went pretty smoothly from there. I'm pretty happy how things turned out and had fun playing you guys. Hope to do it again soon!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #69 Posted: Oct 31 2012 2:13PM

Table maintenance should be a weekly ritual if you are planning to run leagues on your table.

"The table has to be maintained to a reasonable level as determined by the EFL (no broken or missing men, rods lubricated, balls must be round)."

Since this rule is coming from Will who arguably has some of the worst maintained tables in Edmonton the bar isn't that high.

On a positive note, the table at the Beerhunter West played great. Balls were nice and consistant, surface was clean, Rods were lubed, no broken men or bumpers.

Author: Cam! Reply #70 Posted: Oct 31 2012 2:14PM


Author: .Garry Reply #71 Posted: Oct 31 2012 5:35PM

Table maintenance was done by the time we were supposed to start. Having beer/pop spilled on it in a bar is a fact of life because there are ignorant & stupid people that frequent said bar. Having the waitress clean it with Windex was a mistake as it left a slippery film on the surface.

Darcy always does maintenance on the tables prior to play. A broken man on the 5 takes time to replace and I did not notice it till we were wrapping to start.

Good playing by Team AllDay

Author: C.A.L. Reply #72 Posted: Oct 31 2012 6:24PM

Darcy no poke at you, your tables are better maintained than T.O.'s and some smucks spilling coke and not making any effort to clean up happens.

The table in question had good bumpers ALL around and the lubing was minor. A Team effort got things done for ALL needs required and I am sure you will have less issues next time.
Good to have Dukes as another location with at least 2 tables without blaring music and cool-ish beer.

Author: .Garry Reply #73 Posted: Oct 31 2012 11:05PM

"Ahhhh...I'm feeling almost nostalgic. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up driving to Rosario's next Tuesday by accident"

Christian...did you end up driving to Rosario's by accident??? Heard you got pounded and thought that might be the reason.

Having Dale T out was nostalgic. Thought I was at Rosario's again.

Author: Will Reply #74 Posted: Nov 5 2012 6:10PM

The tables at TO are in fantastic condition. Sometimes things break (bumpers, men, etc) once in a while but we fix things 2-3 times a week. The tables are regularly leveled and tuned up, lubed, and have good balls replaced every couple weeks.

I guess Simon gave up on trash talking my results/skill set and had to go after my table maintenance skills instead... I can play that game too! Even your OWN team complained about the table at beer hunter having old slippery balls. I can't believe you Simon, that you thought they were acceptable after all the complaining you do about tables etc. FWIW it doesn't bother me at all, because I don't really have too much of a preference in which balls are used, they are the same for everyone that plays in every game.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #75 Posted: Nov 5 2012 6:28PM

Emptying the coin box doesn't count as fixing. Neither does the draws at the DYPs

Funny you would mention the balls at the beerhunter. When I got there on Tuesday I brought a set for the night. You even commented on how well the table played. Maybe you're still reeling over our singles games

I thought you would comment on my remark, but I didn't expect it to take so long. 5 days and that's the best you can do! Besides I told you not to take anything I said on this board personally!

btw - unless you replaced all the bumpers, the tables at TO are far from fantastic. I guess I'll find out tomorrow night

Author: Will Reply #76 Posted: Nov 5 2012 6:42PM

Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I just find it incredibly weak to go from trash talking a team (then getting smacked) strait to making fun of their tables. Only to pat yourself on the back about how well maintained your tables are.

I replace bumpers 2-3 times a week, my tables get used by Bob... so they require new bumpers regularly lol.

The table at beer hunter was fine, just like the ones at TO. The tables at Dukes are good too, its just the floor in the room that makes them play a little bit differently in my opinion but nothing can be done about that and again its the same for everyone. It matters very little to me which table a match is played on.

When we played our singles game the match was already over for all intents and purposes. Nice work on getting your team to within 20 in the second last match - next time try to beat us in doubles when the match is on the line.

To be fair - we split our 4 games 2-2 against each other... I went 4-2 and you went 3-3, we had good games in all our matches and I don't think that either of us can really claim to have won or lost the match for our team at the end of it.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #77 Posted: Nov 5 2012 6:48PM

That's one way of looking at it

Author: lance Reply #78 Posted: Nov 8 2012 6:54AM

I would like to join a team as a spear,,. call me if i can spear on your team. 780-96506180
Thanks Lance

Author: Darcy Reply #79 Posted: Nov 8 2012 10:29AM

I need a quick rule clarification, If I have Lance join my team, can he still spear other teams?


Author: WELL-ZE Reply #80 Posted: Nov 8 2012 11:30AM

Darcy perhaps it's time to start up FU2!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #81 Posted: Nov 8 2012 11:31AM

BTW spear is to stab something with a sharp object, spare is a substitute

Author: Will Reply #82 Posted: Nov 8 2012 2:21PM

I don't really have a rule in place for subbing, I think it would make sense if a person could only sub on one team per month... Any thoughts?

Author: C.A.L. Reply #83 Posted: Nov 8 2012 6:53PM

Would be good to start a list so "Spare's" can put down contact info/ranking where players can sub them in when needed after confirming their availability.

Keeps the league fluid and more competitive, may even allow some new players to try out the league where otherwise they would not even jump in.

Would not allow any Pro's on any other team or division.

Author: Will Reply #84 Posted: Nov 8 2012 7:03PM

I'd suggest you shouldn't be able to sub a player in for a final unless he subbed in already on the team that month also.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #85 Posted: Nov 8 2012 8:39PM

Christian and I can't make the finals on Nov 13th. Both of us are out of town. Since we can't sub a player in for a final we will have to forfeit.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #86 Posted: Nov 8 2012 8:50PM

Looks like Ray is out of town on Tuesday as well

Author: .Garry Reply #87 Posted: Nov 9 2012 6:46AM

Go Jamie and Kyle???

No "stabbing"

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #88 Posted: Nov 9 2012 10:46AM

@ Garry 5 on 2, yes I will be bringing a knife

@ Will I don't understand the reasoning behind not allowing substitutes in the final (to clarify subs which have not played with us before). This sounds as though you are penalizing our team for having perfect attendance this month. How can we play without subs?

@ BTY/ALLDAY Can we find an alternative time to play

@ League admin Since we cannot have a sub for the final can Jamie and I play all games without penalty this time. Next round we will be sure to invite several subs, despite having everyone show up, just so we don't run into this problem again

Author: melanoir Reply #89 Posted: Nov 9 2012 11:32AM

i was thinking about the subs last night.

Tier 1 like hockey, they have there junior teams that they can draft upwards in case of injury.

We just need to establish junior teams, which can be pilfered for spares if needed. Also i think that if the tier one team has more players, that the extra player can go help out the bottom team.

One other idea i was thinking about was that the Tier1 teams should have to have a rookie on them, in order to teach more players the high level of play. After a month of playing with the Pros this player could go back to the farm team(tier 2-3)and could use the skills learned.

This of course is just my thoughts on making a fun and new system into a better overall system. Others may disagree.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #90 Posted: Nov 9 2012 11:37AM

sub up... yep
sub down... nope
rookies... already in play, no?

Author: melanoir Reply #91 Posted: Nov 9 2012 11:37AM

Having a farm team will also keep the rosters fair and balanced. No stacking any team for finals or the like.

Author: Will Reply #92 Posted: Nov 9 2012 12:37PM

I said "I'd suggest you shouldn't be able to sub a player in for a final unless he subbed in already on the team that month also."

That was more as a suggestion for the future than a rule for this week. I still think it is better to find an alternate day to play, I only posted the schedule because I needed to put something in there for a date. If the teams both agree to play it on a different night then that is fine.

As for Dan's ideas, I like that a lot. I don't think we should force teams to have a reserve team, but it is certainly an option. Just like EEFC has 2 teams, if anyone else wants to add a reserve team then that is awesome. That is how club's are built and established!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #93 Posted: Nov 9 2012 12:49PM


Thx for the clarification Will. I will chat amongst BTY and AllNight and see if we can figure something out

Author: C.A.L. Reply #94 Posted: Nov 9 2012 1:39PM

Put in rules having benefits and penalties toward "subs" or trades for not playing out on the scheduled league day (Tues). Even allow for a one time penalty free option per Team to cover needed scheduling adjustments.

Allow Women a point spot anyone they play against.
Imagine an ALL women team or just doubles?...

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #95 Posted: Nov 9 2012 1:53PM

Women in Bikinis get a 3 point spot

The match between BTY and ALLDAY will go ahead Nov 15 at TIMEOUT SPORTS PUB at 8 PM. BTY will have Simon, Jamie, Kyle and Ray. From talking with Mike it sounds as though Rog, Mike, Carey and Dale will be playing (confirmed?). I am happy we figured out a time and place that will work for everyone

Author: C.A.L. Reply #96 Posted: Nov 9 2012 2:53PM

Yes , talked to Mike about this and Thurs Nov 15 seems to be it.

Author: Will Reply #97 Posted: Nov 9 2012 2:59PM

The match is at Beer Hunter, BTY won the right to be home team. Everyone on both teams is involved in an email thread that we clarified this, but I just want to make sure its posted here as well.

Author: Will Reply #98 Posted: Nov 9 2012 3:03PM

Also - people reading all this probably think Simon and I hate eachother or something.. and really we don't. We're pretty good friends and we text back and forth while we jab at each other on here. I think we both have a lot of respect for each other which is why we don't mind trash talking eachother.

I wouldn't come on here and trash talk someone who I have absolutely no respect for there game whatsoever like Garry or someone.

Its all in good fun when Christian, Simon, and I go at it on the message board, but once we bring Garry's name up its just not fair anymore.

Author: .Garry Reply #99 Posted: Nov 9 2012 7:07PM

Doh...I want to correct the spelling just to prove Simon right...but I won'

Respect is a dish best served warm.

Don't know what that means tho.

Surprised U didn't bring out the "terminator" or "alien" last week- Maybe that's why we won by so much!!!!!

Christian has gone silent by his play recently.

Simon- he's my biotch! Or at least that's what he sounds like.

Author: lance Reply #100 Posted: Nov 16 2012 2:15PM

so does any team need a spare player, to step in when they cant feild a team, i will only be part of one team, when playoffs come i would like to play,so if the spare would need 4 weeks to play in the play offs, sound good??

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