Topic: Secret Meeting for Team BTY

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Oct 20 2012 11:10AM

Since its no longer a secret, we will be having a team Meeting at the Beer Hunter on Tuesday before we annihilate the competition.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Oct 20 2012 11:15AM

Damn, I guess we are playing at Dukes this Tuesday against Foosball (dropped out of) University. We will have the secret meeting on the main floor before our matches start

Author: .Garry Reply #2 Posted: Oct 20 2012 6:37PM

No have your secret meeting at the Beerhunter, we'll just take your non presence as a default.


BTW BTY lots of alcohol before your match is a recipe for success!

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Oct 20 2012 9:15PM

Just try not to punch any paintings!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: Oct 21 2012 10:32AM

you're there, no need to punch a painting

Author: Darcy Reply #5 Posted: Oct 21 2012 11:24AM

better not, I go for the eyes man!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #6 Posted: Oct 21 2012 4:00PM

I thought you went for the Pedo with the video camera

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: Oct 22 2012 9:15AM

hey man, at least i pulled the chute when I knew what was going on. You picked the place, for all I know you were in on it with that guy.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #8 Posted: Oct 22 2012 2:11PM


Author: Darcy Reply #9 Posted: Oct 22 2012 2:14PM

looking back though, Matt stayed even after I told him what the deal was...

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #10 Posted: Oct 22 2012 2:39PM

Hey BTY,

I am heading to Dukes early tomorrow for some warm up games. Come join me!

Better Than You

Author: RezaREX Reply #11 Posted: Oct 23 2012 12:27PM

Hey FU!!! What are you guys majoring in? Suck? BWAHAHAHA...BTY will crush you without even studying. Class is in session.

Author: Darcy Reply #12 Posted: Oct 23 2012 1:12PM

Ya, you've been skipping class for five months and are about to take your final exam. Good luck!!!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #13 Posted: Oct 23 2012 3:13PM

Hopefully your pins hold up and you don't fall apart!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #14 Posted: Oct 23 2012 3:17PM


Heading down at 6:30 with Ray

See ya there for the

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #15 Posted: Oct 23 2012 3:26PM

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Author: .Garry Reply #16 Posted: Oct 23 2012 7:01PM


Lamest trash talking award goes to this thread!!!

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