Topic: Tues foos

Author: Sniff Original Message Posted: Oct 30 2012 12:51PM


I haven't heard from the ubermunch, but, he is likely still flying, but, the plan was to tues foos.

I'll be there just after 8 either way.

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Oct 30 2012 4:55PM

What skulduggery forsooth ... the Wednesday Foos postings have been usurped .

Author: discosucks Reply #2 Posted: Oct 30 2012 6:37PM

who used the t-word in the wday thread last week? ;)

Author: Robert G Reply #3 Posted: Oct 30 2012 6:43PM

see you there 730ish.....

Author: TB Reply #4 Posted: Nov 19 2012 3:13PM

Tuesdays at Academic Public House (1619 West Broadway between Fir and Pine)
FREE foosball, pool, darts after 8pm
$2 Beers

The table is a Tornado coin-op, I've been inside the cabinet before they have the red ground urethane balls in there (Robert mentioned that donnelly group use a white plastic ball on other tables - notably Bimini).

Anyone want to come out and save their loonies?

PS: Someone should bring lubricant for the rods.

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