Topic: Where to play Foosball in the Fraser Valley?

Author: Mikey_J Original Message Posted: Nov 1 2012 10:49PM

Does anyone know of a place to play foosball in the Fraser Valley - preferably close to Chilliwack?

Author: van_can_foos Reply #1 Posted: Nov 2 2012 2:50AM

Hey Mike,

There are two pubs in the Aldergrove / Abbotsford area that have one Tornado table each.

I played with a buddy at both pubs one evening a few months ago. On the Friday night that we went the Fox & Hounds was hopping, with a GREAT live blues band which made for an enjoyable evening. However, it seemed to us that there weren’t any regular players around as far as we could tell. So if you have your own buddies to play against, this is the place to go.

Best atmosphere & best-kept table (it was impeccable, better than Soho’s):
26444 32 Avenue
Aldergrove, BC V4W 3E8
(604) 856-8111

Second-best, but conveniently nearby:
3122 Station Road
Abbotsford, BC V4X 2S8
(604) 856-3111

Conversely, if you’re just looking to find someone decent to play against you may have to do as I do…drive all the way to Soho Billiards in Downtown Vancouver. Post on this board ahead of time to guarantee a few players will show up.

While we’re on the subject…where would someone find a table in Penticton? I often visit there in the summer & have never spotted a table anywhere.


Author: Mikey_J Reply #2 Posted: Nov 3 2012 4:56PM

Hi Earl - thanks for the info on the locations in the Fraser Valley.I have been to the Fox & Hounds Pub a few times over the years. I'm going to try the station house this Saturday evening.

There are no foosball tables in Penticton. Are far as I know I maybe one of the only people who even owns a foosball table in the area! I have a mint Tornado Cyclone II.

I have heard there maybe a tornado coin-op at the McCulloch Station Pub on KLO road in Kelowna but have not seen it. The owner of it was trying to sell it a year ago so I think it maybe gone by now.

I just invite friends over and play on my table in the basement. There are a few "old timers" from the 80's that still play in the area.

Author: van_can_foos Reply #3 Posted: Nov 3 2012 11:47PM

Thanks for the Penticton info - I sorta figured it was a home-table situation there. I'm going to be in Kelowna in the spring so I'll call ahead to that other pub you mentioned just in case. Thanks for the lead.

About Station House Pub here on Saturday - you talkin' tonight, Nov 3?

If you're going next Saturday Nov 10 & you don't have a buddy to play against, post here & I'll probably show up. I could do an 8-9pm arrival & play to closing if you want.

(yet another "old timer" from the 80's)

Author: Mikey_J Reply #4 Posted: Nov 4 2012 8:30AM

Hi Earl - I'll check the Pub in Kelowna next time I go thru Kelowna.

Thinking of being at the Station Pub on Saturday Nov 10th @ 9:00pm. I'll be ready for a few games if your into it.


Author: van_can_foos Reply #5 Posted: Nov 5 2012 10:09PM

OK, I'll be at Station Pub - Sat @ 8:30pm. Please post here if your plans change.

I'd also like to formally invite any other foosers that live in the Valley! Or for that matter; any foosers who care to drive over the new Port Mann Bridge (eastbound) before they start charging you for the privilege (next month, I think).

Both these pubs are real nice and would be even more fun if there were more of us...Rob Shin? Craig? Are either of you guys game?

See you there Mike. Earl

Author: Mikey_J Reply #6 Posted: Nov 6 2012 7:08PM

Sorry Earl - I can't make this Saturday. I can't leave Penticton. Thanks for the invite.

Author: van_can_foos Reply #7 Posted: Nov 6 2012 8:16PM

No problem. Post here again the next time you expect to be in the neighborhood.

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