Topic: Suggestions/Discussion for the league in 2013

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Nov 5 2012 6:21PM

The EFL has been really fun so far, and the format has been met with a lot of enthusiasm. This is my first try at running a league with teams and rosters and schedules...

What suggestions are there for the league? Use this as a place for constructive criticism or suggestions of additional things that the league could do to be better for its members.

If you make a suggestion that is going to take a ton of time/effort for a person or group of people, please suggest a way that we can make it happen as well (volunteer your services in some way if you can contribute).

One talking point is going to be Team Registration Fee's. We could keep the league free and have the same services - posting results on a message board and emailing out a schedule.. Or we could start charging a league fee. The league is not for profit - vendors may make money off of players playing on their table, but there are several vendors in the city that can provide you a home table, myself included.

If there is a league fee the things can be purchased to improve the league. A really big and nice trophy that we can add team name plaques too when they win a tier/division... A website/program that can generate the schedule/results. Trophies to recognize players as top scorers.. we could have votes on things like best 2 bar or best bank shooter etc. We could throw a year end party or anything like that too.

Author: Desmond Reply #1 Posted: Nov 9 2012 4:40PM

I personally like the fact that it is free right now and I for one don't care about points or status or anything like that. The "free food" has brought many more newcomers out and if it remains that way I believe that more and more newcomers will come out. I don't really care if my team name is on a trophy or not. The fact that it is free means more money for the vendors as more newcomers come out. Just my 2 cents.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #2 Posted: Nov 9 2012 9:46PM

At this time Free is probably the way to go, allow for maximum invite-growth potential.
No money put out takes the intimidation factor out of the way,especially when trying to get a brand new team together against a large unknown.

Any trophies should wait till later. Maybe free drinks and Pizza could fill the void.

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