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Author: InvisibleSoul Original Message Posted: Dec 10 2012 3:31PM

Hey guys, we're looking for someone to give our Tornado table a good professional servicing. Several men need to be replaced, and the two-bars are severely bent. We just want to get the table back into good shape, ready for some friendly competition between a few local companies. The table is located in our office, so someone that can provide a receipt would be preferred. If there is someone you can recommend that does a good job at a fair price, please let me know. Thanks!

Author: Nelson Reply #1 Posted: Dec 11 2012 11:29AM

I think any of us could replace it but what you really need are the parts. All of us own or have owned a table at one point. We don't have extra 2-bar's laying around. The only person who MIGHT is Peter Tielens.

What's most important to know is what parts you need because these parts have to be ordered from the US since CAGS went out of business. So a few questions:

1. What table model is it? T3000?
2. Are the men counterbalanced?
3. Is it just the 2-rods that are bent?
4. What condition are the bumpers and bearings in?
5. Any broken or chipped men or pins?
6. Do you need new balls? ie do you have ice balls that don't roll straight anymore.

I usually buy my parts from Charles Mcintosh.

I'm buying Jeff's table so I'll be ordering some parts (dunno if there's anything wrong with it, probably nothing really except changing the handles and getting a few extra men/pins, new balls, maybe some crushed bumpers from shooting angry pull shots LOL)

So if you're willing to pay for my new parts I'd be more than happy to change up the table for free. I'll be purchasing around $100 in parts most likely. So I would recommend whatever you need and you would pay for the parts as per cost on the website with shipping.

PS Don't e-mail me on this account because it doesn't work. Just post on the board.

Author: Sniff Reply #2 Posted: Dec 12 2012 12:23PM

I think all my bumpers are in perfect order! I think I've only used one side of the table, so I'm not even sure exactly what you'll need to replace. I should have new balls and some pins. You might want new handles and men maybe. I think I have a spare 2 bar somewhere too.

Author: dfnder Reply #3 Posted: Dec 13 2012 1:42PM

If you are still looking for someone to get your table fixed up let me know.

Author: PaulG Reply #4 Posted: Jan 4 2013 5:25PM

Just as a note.... Canadian Amusement Games is still in operation, but its run out of the guys home. I just spoke to him last week again about ordering a new coin op.

Steven is his name and he was the parts guy at the original CAGS.

I order all of our Tornado stuff from him and he's pretty good about getting decent prices to foosers.

His number is 1 (800) 960-7878. It should save you guys the shipping and time delay as long as you give him time to order the supplies.

Author: InvisibleSoul Reply #5 Posted: Jan 11 2013 11:52AM

Thanks for the replies.

We did end up finding someone to come and replace both two-bars and the entire field of men. Cost a pretty penny though. After seeing what needed to be done, we'll probably be able to service it ourselves going forward.

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