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Hi guys

I was thinking we should bring back MONEYBALL to Dukes on Thursdays! This would be separate from league and identical to the Tuesday night format which was run out of TO for the last couple of years (5 buck buy-in, rotating between dyp, byp, singles etc). Darcy would be willing to run the tournaments and update points.

Thursday night draws a decent crowd but it used to be better (what was 18 is now 8 people) and we would like to see more people out for tournament night so these events will be a success

I think Dukes is a great venue: well maintained tables (possibly the best in the city), great music (but not so loud that my ears are ringing after an hour of play), lots of space and hot barmaids

I would like to hear your opinion. No further effort will be made to host such events unless we hear from you (being the 60+ devout Edmonton Foosers). The last thing I want to see is 60 views on this post and not one reply (that means you!)

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Dec 11 2012 3:04PM

Possibly I might attend. And that's about as accurate as Dukes tables possibly being the best maintained tables in the city. I would say they rival TO for being the best

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Don't you mean BeerHunter?

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #3 Posted: Dec 11 2012 3:31PM

15 views and 1 response!!!

Come on people, lets here your thoughts

Author: .Garry Reply #4 Posted: Dec 11 2012 3:41PM

Kyle-read the sarcasm in Simon's post.

That is my thoughts

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Garry beat me to it!

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #7 Posted: Dec 11 2012 3:54PM

Ooooops 15 views and 1 no go :)

Author: Darcy Reply #8 Posted: Dec 11 2012 4:12PM

Hah, thanks Kyle.

If leveling on a carpeted surface is our only detractor I don't mind that at all. I actually did spend some time on Sunday leveling both tables so they should both play pretty well unless the owner moved either of them, in which case i'll just level them again but, as always, I really appreciate Simon's feedback.

Anyway, I think bringing Thursdays back to more competetive play could work but it depends on what people want.

Anyone in particular feel like going back to how things were, or have any suggestions on what might work best?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #9 Posted: Dec 11 2012 4:50PM

Free beer and hotter waitresses

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