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Author: .Garry Original Message Posted: Mar 25 2013 10:37PM

"You know what would make foosball look better on television? Players who don't dress like they're on their way to the hookah lounge. Put on a collared shirt, preferrably with your name and a sponsor's logo. Leave your beer in the lobby. Take the *bleep*ing sunglasses off of your hat, you haven't left the hotel in four days and you look goddamn silly. Ladies, put your damn shoes on while you're playing the finals of Womens Doubles. The viewing audience doesn't want to see your damn feet. Everybody, march your ass back to your room and swap those shorts for a nice pair of khakis, even better if they match your partner's. You know what's really great? The camera's rolling as your match in the pits is called. America's on pins and needles and you roll up to the table 20 minutes later. Another 20 minutes of shooting the shit, wrapping, and testing every rod and every man with every ball, and you're almost ready for the first drop. Seven people in the grandstand have fallen asleep by now. Bottom line - there is nothing television worthy about the game of foosball. Wake the *bleep* up people."

Taken from the US message board.

Witnessed all of this and thought it many times this past weekend- the only thing he missed was foosers acting like kids-whether here in Edmonton or 2 pro Masters playing 2 rookies with 6 combined years of foos between them.

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