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Mike Boyle asked me to post this from the NWfoos site.

Nominations are open for a week (til Sunday 14) on the site. Voting will take place at the site and will be open about a week after nominations closing.

The Northwest Foosball Hall of Legends annual induction process is now underway. The procedure for induction will go as follows:

1) Open Nomination period - (Which is now underway) We are pressed for time and only have 1 week for open nominations, so spread the word, and submit your nominees.

2) Organizing of Voting Page for Top Nominees.

3) Open Voting.

4) Induction Ceremony for 2013 inductees at the Washington State Open.

More detail:
OPEN NOMINATIONS: Anyone can submit anyone that they feel deserves to be inducted into the Northwest Hall of Legends who meets the criteria. If you wish to nominate someone,please include a brief description of that person's accomplishments. This description will help the induction committee to weigh against the other candidates. If your candidate is nominated, the induction committee will do a more in-depth research and then profile that person's accomplishments. But if you want someone inducted you need to provide a good cause to pass the initial screening. Fortunate for us, in the NW, we have Kathy Brainard on the committee. Kathy has an extensive amount of Foosball related information available to her. With her knowledge and research she has already done on player accomplishments, we feel we will have a great hall of Legends with your help. Remember, when submitting a nominee, try to list some solid reason for that players induction.


The Northwest Foosball Community is comprised of the northwest States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, and Alberta.

To be considered as an inductee, a candidate must have lived in, or been part of the N.W.F. community for a minimum of 10 years. A candidate may have moved out of and back into the community as many times as to satisfy the 10 year minimum.

An inductee may be a Player, Promoter, Distributer, Tournament Director, or anyone who has influenced the upward direction of Foosball in the Northwest, living or dead.

To nominate someone e-mail the following people:
Brad Loraine -
Pat Mandin -
Myk Donaldson -
Rick Martin -
Floppy -

Please send your nomination with at least two of the people above on the address line, to ensure your nomination doesn't slip through the cracks.

Include your name, The name of the person you want Nominated - And as good of a description why this person should be considered as you can put together.

Organizing of Voting Page for Top Nominees: The Committee members will trim the list of top nominees down to the top 15. (It's just not possible for us to manage all the nominees and do all the background work on too many submissions), So we will take the top nominees, and create more in-depth researched Biography's on each Nominee and put that together in a voting tool on the NWFoosball web site. Once we get all that set up we will be ready for open voting.

Open Voting: At this point we will announce and open the voting process using a voting tool on the Northwest Web site. Each Nominee will have their name listed along with a brief Biography of accomplishments as a reason for their consideration. These Bios will be easily readable as people choose the candidates they want to vote for. When the voting closes we will tally the votes and the top vote geters will be announced and inducted at the Washington State Open.

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Don't have their career stats but my first three moms would be Moya, Mitch and Eric.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #2 Posted: Apr 14 2013 12:08PM

Don't have their career stats but my first three names would be Moya, Mitch and Eric.

Author: Sniff Reply #3 Posted: Apr 15 2013 12:49PM

I like moms better.

Author: moyatielens Reply #4 Posted: May 8 2013 3:48PM

Voting is open at for HOL. Not sure when it closes, but just sending out the info.

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