Topic: Thursday May 23, H-BYPTournament at Champs!

Author: WELL-ZE Original Message Posted: May 9 2013 1:01PM

Hi Folks,

Darcy and I will be hosting a Handicapped BYP tournament at Champs on Thursday May 23!

In preparation for this event we will be bringing in another table (maybe two) which will stay at Champs

As well, we are organizing weekly gathering at Champs on Thursday evenings starting at 8 pm.

Spread the word!

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: May 14 2013 12:10AM

How is it going to be handicapped?

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #2 Posted: May 14 2013 1:15PM

Hey Garry,

I think each player should be ranked out of 5 like the last H-tournament at TO. We could do it in 0.5 increments? Your thoughts?

Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: May 16 2013 7:28PM

That tournament sucked ass if I remember correctly-lol

I firmly believe handicapps only favor beginners/rookies/semi pros-pros have nothing to play for other than having to double your opponents score, which is hard to do.

I'm out.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #4 Posted: May 17 2013 1:16PM

Say What!!!

Just play with a rookie and throw him in the pits! You are a pro and can carry a rookie no problem. Then you are only racing to 6 or 7 and not 10.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #5 Posted: May 22 2013 2:23PM

Hi guys!

So we are in good shape for Thursday night, second table has been added to Champs. We are shooting for around 16 players. I know a few players will be showing up without partners so if you don't have one yet don't panic, show up and we will find you one.

So far we have

Kyle W
Darcy S
Roger P
Mike J
Conrad K
Darren Z
Rhino L
Will S
Zoe L

See you all there ;)

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