Topic: Thursday Pick-up Champs

Author: WELL-ZE Original Message Posted: May 30 2013 10:05AM

Hey guys,

Pick up tonight at 7:30 at Champs. We have two tables I am thinking of running a singles tournament (if we have enough players) on one table and the other table for pick up games

see ya all there

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #1 Posted: May 31 2013 6:10PM

1st Richie & Roger
2ed Conrad & Kyle
3ed Ben & Cam

It was a great time last night, thanks everybody for showing up on such short notice and thank you Will for helping with organizing the troops

We originally planned for a singles tournament but with so many players showing up we opted for doubles instead. I really enjoyed this 2 tier pro/am dyp format. It gives ams the opportunity to partner with experienced players and learn more about the game.

I know for Conrad and I it was a crazy night. We were knocked down to B-side the first game by Nat and Garry and battled back to take second place. Perhaps the most epic game of the night was between us vs Ben and Cam. They annihilated us the first game 5 - 0!!! Conrad and I gave our heads a shake during the first intermission and responded with a 5 - 0 !! win in the second game. The third game went to meatball and Conrad managed to slip in the winning goal. Good job bud!

I am planning on keeping stats and a points system for Thursday night tournaments through Once Darcy and I figure out a system I will let you all know where to find the results (another option is I create a group e-mail and just send out spread sheets as they are updated). keep you posted

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