Topic: Just played some foos with Steve Rix

Author: Sniff Original Message Posted: Jun 5 2013 1:20AM

Anyone have some stories about him? Let em out, let's here them.

Author: van_can_foos Reply #1 Posted: Jun 5 2013 3:59AM

Wow. Where to start?

I remember that compared to Mitch his backpin was more powerful, but less precise.

Oh...that's not what you were talking about? Sorry.

No specific stories, but...

When I first met him around 30 years ago I was not impressed. He had a good-paying union job as a longshoreman and yet due to various habits he always seemed to be broke. I found his personality overly-brash and we didn't get along.

But more recently I've got to say that I've felt a bit sorry for him because he's been thru the ringer in a horrible way. His girlfriend was a victim of Robert Pickton and Steve was interviewed on the news a few times during the trials. He really looked genuinely shaken & heartbroken at that time (about 10 years ago).

I apologize if everyone already knew this and it's old news. I'm a bit out of the loop cause I don't see you guys as often as I'd like. And Steve has never come up in conversation until now.

I do remember some snippets of old stories from way back, but I'm really fuzzy on the details. I think I'd need Gerry to validate my memories about 2 things:

1) Was there was something about shoplifting food from stores by simply eating things in the aisles?

2) Was it Rix who proudly stated that he was owed a free meal at just about every restaurant he ate at? He claimed that he would yell and scream and complain loudly about _anything_ until they offered him a free meal on his next visit.

That last one isn't really a story, just a boast - one that impressed me by just how juvenile it was. I think there may be witnesses to the shoplifting story though.

How did Steve seem to you Jeff?


Author: Superfly Reply #2 Posted: Jun 5 2013 1:18PM

Wow! Where did you play him, I'm guessing he wandered into Soho somehow? Yeah, I last saw him back in the old Dillinger's Daze ... so maybe early to mid 80's.

He and Big John used to live a half block from me. There was a KFC right on the corner and I seem to recall Ricks always getting free meals lol.

He was pretty frugal but he really loved his cappuccino machine back then. Yeah, Steve and I beat Mitch and Pete in a doubles tourney in the early 80's down at Mike Miller's pool hall / video arcade ... fun times haha.

~ can he still play Jeffy ? ~

Author: Sniff Reply #3 Posted: Jun 5 2013 6:11PM

I was interested in all stories really, foos etc is more than welcome.

Yea, he came into Soho, and yea, not in the best shape. Kind of really funny though, he was talking about Moya a bit before I knew it was Steve (I had an inkling though it was him) and he wanted to kind of Siri dictate a search about her and foos on his ipad, and everytime i did he would say, "yea, so foos moya best woman player in canada" or something like that, and the search in google would start off with "yes" then come up with a bunch of random stuff. Same thing with "hey". He couldn't find any info obv.

Foos related - I was surprised by his 5, really crisp, pristine etc. His style really reminded of pete vicze a bit. He would do some back pins, push kicks, and pull shots - still trying to find his power, but, you could really tell he had a game at one point. He was wearing a jean skirt which made the whole event more memorable.

Author: Sniff Reply #4 Posted: Jun 5 2013 6:12PM

Everytime I scored in him (which was a lot) - he would yell FUKK! He Scored Again.

Author: dfnder Reply #5 Posted: Jun 6 2013 3:41AM


The grocery store... walking around with Gerry or Pete V. and he would pick up the whipping cream and get high off the propellant then put it back on the shelf. He would also eat the food like Earl mentioned.

86 Street had a passenger zone that was good for 15-20 minutes and he would go outside during the tournament and constantly move his car. While moving it he sometimes could not find a free spot and then he would just drive home.

Rix was always trying to borrow money, Ken Wolder purposely lent him a dollar that he had no expectation of getting paid back. Then when Steve would ask Ken for $5 to enter the tournament Ken would remind him of the 1$ he hadn't paid back and Steve would do a quick 180 and disappear. I can remember Ken saying more than once.. "best dollar I ever spent!"

Mitch and Steve would often play tennis, not sure how it went though.

Steve as a fooser was very hot and cold, I only saw him play strong for a whole tournament once and that was down in Seattle. Many would say technically he had the best pin shot but I found Mitch much more interesting to watch on ProSoccer and I think Shane Chow had the most impressive/flashy Pin to watch.

Steve was a character for sure, the world would be boring without people who were just a little different.

Author: dfnder Reply #6 Posted: Jun 7 2013 1:20AM

I re-read my post and I need to clarify. In regards to the best dollar spent, it was because then Ken had a quick and easy way to avoid lending money and dealing with Steve asking - common line was... "I will pay you back out of my winnings". Steve was always welcome and encouraged to play as he was a legend in the NW and we didn't see him play enough.


Author: Sniff Reply #7 Posted: Jun 7 2013 5:54PM

I could imagine him doing all these things. Easily.

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