Topic: Friday, 8 pm, Champs, H-BYP

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Hi folks,

On Friday at 8 pm we are hosting a H-BYP tournament at Champs!
11712 87 Ave

The handicap will be capped at two goals max
(I think its safe to say pro-pro teams were finding it difficult to play to 10, that is 30 goals per match if matches go to game 3)

Two pools will be made*
POOL A Pro to AM
Goals required: Pro-Pro 7, Pro-Am 6, Am-Am 5

POOL B Am to beginner
Goals required: Am-Am 7, Am-Beg 6, Beg-Beg 5

Teams within Pool A and within Pool B will face off in a standard tournament format

Winner of Pool A plays Winner of Pool B to determine 1st and 2nd place

*Am-Am teams can play in either pool (of course this will depend on the number of teams in each pool)
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