Topic: You say you got game? Time to prove it!

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Original Message Posted: Apr 27 2015 10:40AM

Announcing The Vancouver Foosball Open Championships

Vancouver Singles Championship - Friday May 15
Vancouver BYP Doubles Championship - Sunday May 17
$10 entry fee per event
Both events at Soho Billiards. Pete has approved the dates.

"Best in Vancouver" Bragging rights plus a Trophy or Medal to the top 3 Finishers in each category: Pro, Semi Pro, and Am
Swiss format qualifiers to determine the categories followed by Single Elimination in each category.

This is a great format to maximize the fun and minimize the time

You say you got game? Time to prove it!



Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #1 Posted: Apr 27 2015 11:03AM

Save money by registering early.

Only $10 per event if you prepay and register with Fred, Cam, Dylan, or Peter T on or before Sunday May 3. Or register after that for $20 per event including at the door.

Pre registration lets know how much to spend on the Awards or Medals. Any money left over we pay out to the winners.

It also helps if you post here if you will be attending.

Please spread the word to others. Vancouver Foosball is growing again. Time to do your part!



Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #2 Posted: Apr 28 2015 11:49AM

Swiss Format explained

Chess Tournaments held in Switzerland many years ago needed a system to run events that gave lesser players a chance to play against better players but not to get destroyed quickly by having to play too many pros too soon. They also wanted a format that would lead to multiple winners in different streams or ranking levels and that shortened the number of games overall if time was tight and also avoided an out in two and wait around scenario.

The format that they designed is now called the "Swiss format" and it is popular in many sports including tournament foosball. I prefer Double Elimination when time is not tight. I prefer Swiss format when time is tight.

Every player starts off in the main pool. Existing rankings could be used if they are seen to be accurate or everyone could start off as random. In our case our event is not that big so we will just start random. For larger tournaments you would need about 5 rounds of qualifier games for our size I think 3 or possibly 4 will be adequate. So first round is a random draw and say it ends up Player A (let's say Alvin) draws player T (Thomas). They play one game race to 7. Win by one ok. The score is recorded and is used to break ties in ranking players with the same won-loss record.

In another qualifier, suppose that Ben played and beat Sue. In the second round things are less random. Alvin would draw Ben or another player that won their first match. And Sue would draw Thomas or another player that lost their first match. The objective here is not to eliminate anyone but to as quickly as possible stream players into two or more groups before the eliminations begin. Third round something similar with whatever number of streams that you want being determined over time.

After the qualifiers are completed, then the streams or ranked groupings are set and a single elimination event is generated for each stream. Depending on time either a 2/3 or 3/5 format would follow. Depending on our number of attendees and number of tables (we are trying to get a third table into Soho for that weekend) will determine this. Another nice thing at an all day event would be to stagger the Elimination rounds for the different Streams. In our case I expect we will have three streams that we will call Am, Semi Pro and Pro. We only are playing at night and time is tight so Swiss is the format we have chosen.

Of course this does leave itself open to sandbagging. We will reduce this temptation by having different steps of either prizes, or money payouts, or both depending on the money raised and costs of trophies. As well a pro winning Am is also a lot less glory. But if someone wants to sandbag they can go right ahead. Teasing them will be lots of fun...

The net goal of Swiss format is a fair format that encourages all players to at least start out playing together without a beginner facing a two and out scenario and without a Pro feeling bad for beating up too many Ams. It is absolutely necessary when time is short as compared to a double elimination one game race to 7 scenario.

The software that we will use for this is FAST from ITSF which I already have and I will be reviewing over the next couple of weeks. If anyone wants to help out here please let me know. FAST is free to download but if you want to use it for an ITSF event, of course you need to pay tournament fees and get a special code from them.

I hope that you are open to trying Swiss format and that you enjoy the tournament.

"Best in Vancouver" has a nice ring to it. Especially when I take that trophy back to Shanghai! ;)

Please email me if you have any questions or comments at



Author: dfnder Reply #3 Posted: Apr 28 2015 11:42PM

For those that want to pre-register I am at Soho on

April 28th 7-10PM
May 3rd 7-10PM

or you can arrange to meet me somewhere convenient in Vancouver


Author: TB Reply #4 Posted: Apr 28 2015 11:53PM

What time are these events starting?

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #5 Posted: Apr 29 2015 3:44PM

Both events:
8 pm cutoff for at the door registration and warm-up.
8:30 sharp start.

Author: InvisibleSoul Reply #6 Posted: May 1 2015 10:24PM

6:30PM Signups close May 15th Singles
6:30PM Signups close May 17th Singles
Event start 7PM

Author: dfnder Reply #7 Posted: May 2 2015 3:38PM

OK here is the poster as it stands.

I hope to see you all out...

By the way I need a partner :)

Author: dfnder Reply #8 Posted: May 2 2015 3:39PM

Author: dfnder Reply #9 Posted: May 2 2015 3:41PM

lol ok I give up.... Johnny!!!

Author: Superfly Reply #10 Posted: May 2 2015 6:32PM

Author: dfnder Reply #11 Posted: May 3 2015 2:28AM

LOL you bugger and it probably took you 2 seconds haha

Reasonable goalie looking for a forward...

Author: dfnder Reply #12 Posted: May 3 2015 2:35AM

There are two posters loaded onto Flickr - Not sure which one I like best - one is 8.5x11 and the other is 8.5x14. Waiting on a beer rep incase we need to add their logo - crosses fingers

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #13 Posted: May 3 2015 1:25PM

Quite a few have already registered but we are extending the half price early registration price for the Vancouver Foosball Championship. $10 per event if you register and pay on or before Wednesday May 6th. After that still a great deal at $20 per event. Trophies are being designed and a special event is planned on the Sunday night where we honor some of Vancouver's greatest players and promoters.

Contact Fred, Peter, Cam, or Dylan to register and for complete details. Thanks, May 15 Singles and May 17 Doubles. DON'T MISS IT!

Author: Superfly Reply #14 Posted: May 3 2015 3:19PM

"Quite a few have already registered but we are extending the half price early registration price for the Vancouver Foosball Championship."

"$10 per event if you register and pay on or before Wednesday May 6th."

Lol ... seems like you've shortened the early registration date by 4 days.

The poster says $10 pre-registering - $20 after May 10th

Author: dfnder Reply #15 Posted: May 3 2015 3:43PM

That is my bad, I changed the poster without speaking with Fred, we had talked about extending it but I didnt finalize it.
I like eggs but not on my face!
I know foosers tend to be tardy, please dont wait until day of the tournament as we are on a tight schedule and will not put anyone in last minute if you miss the 6:30 cutoff. Cheers!

Author: dfnder Reply #16 Posted: May 4 2015 1:03AM

3 teams signed up tonight... well 2.5 Tuan still needs to pay

No singles as of yet

Author: Table Lag Reply #17 Posted: May 10 2015 4:45PM

Gerry and I are partnering for doubles... looking forward to it, nice to know there's a holiday the next day too. See you all at singles as well


Author: InvisibleSoul Reply #18 Posted: May 14 2015 10:42AM

What's the latest news?

Author: Table Lag Reply #19 Posted: May 18 2015 12:22PM

Fred, thanks so much for organizing, and nice job on the local hall of fame!

Any chance someone can post the top 4 here?

Author: dfnder Reply #20 Posted: May 18 2015 9:13PM

Congrats to all that participated as you made it a special event!!

Am Singles Ab Alharbi

Semi-Pro Singles Peter Kosuljandic

Pro Singles Tuan Phan

Am Doubles Stanley Chiu
Am Doubles Benjamin Chu

Semi-Pro Doubles Jeff Allen
Semi-Pro Doubles Peter Kosuljandic - CORRECTED

Pro Doubles Tuan Phan
Pro Doubles Harvey Lau

Sorry I didnt get as much time as I would have liked to chat with everyone!

Author: dfnder Reply #21 Posted: May 18 2015 9:14PM

we slipped a J Peter haha, I had to send a correction to the engravers

Author: InvisibleSoul Reply #22 Posted: May 19 2015 3:46PM

Thanks Fred and Peter for running the tournament. It was a real eye opener playing against such great competition. It was an unforgettable experience for me!

Author: InvisibleSoul Reply #23 Posted: May 22 2015 5:45PM

Will the full results be available online?

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