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Topic: Amateur Foosball Tournament

Author: BriL Original Message Posted: May 22 2015 11:37AM

CalgaryFoos is pleased to announce an Amateur Tournament at Juliet's Castle June 13 2015. Doubles will start at 1 PM and singles at 3:30. Entry fee is $15 per event.

Author: BriL Reply #1 Posted: Jun 5 2015 1:56PM

Tournament just over a week away!! Trophies for 1st and 2nd with cash payouts also.

Author: BriL Reply #2 Posted: Jun 14 2015 6:59PM

Amateur Doubles
1. Rob H Nagi S
2. Kenny Y Bao T
3. Frank H Roland C
4. Paul S Brandon D

Amateur Singles
1. Nagi S
2. Rob H
3. Roland C
4. Rudy

Author: Nick in Denver Reply #3 Posted: Jul 1 2015 9:22PM

Okay, I'll be in Calgary July 7th-14th. Would Thursday the 9th be my best shot at some foos at Juliet's?

Author: BriL Reply #4 Posted: Jul 5 2015 5:38PM

Yes Thursday the 9th will be the best time for foos this week. Around 7:30 is good.

Author: Nick in Denver Reply #5 Posted: Jul 6 2015 9:57AM


Author: Nick in Denver Reply #6 Posted: Jul 13 2015 11:28AM

Had a great time with you guys. Hope to see most of you at Colorado State this fall!


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