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Author: Born_Fooser Original Message Posted: May 22 2016 7:38AM

After Tony mentioned that my 5 bar was moving prior to my shot the other day I reviewed some slow mo of shooting several long and middle pull shots. In both cases my 5 bar does actually come off the wall about an inch (there is no noticeable forward or back movement either), but in every case it was not until the ball gets exactly to the big dot during the execution of the shot. In the case of a middle pull, the ball is already being shot before there is 5 bar motion.

Tony correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong there other than if it is 5 bar motion you are reacting on, you are just giving me a 3" headstart.

Author: Eric G Reply #1 Posted: Jun 4 2016 7:27PM

20. Distraction
Any movement or sound made away from or behind the rod where the ball is in play may be judged as a
distraction. No point made as a result of a distraction will count. If a player believes he is being distracted, it is his
responsibility to call for an official.
20.1 Banging the five-man rod or any rod prior to, during, or after a shot is considered a
distraction. Moving the five-rod slightly after the shot has started is not considered a distraction.
20.2 Talking between teammates while the ball is in play may be judged a distraction.
20.3 It is not considered a distraction, when passing, to move the catching rod as part of a fake.
Excessive motion, however, is grounds for a distraction.
20.4 It is considered a distraction, after setting up a shot, to remove a hand from the handle and
then immediately shoot the ball. The ball may only be shot after both hands (and/or wrist) have
been on both handles for one full second.
20.4.1 In singles, rule 20.4 only applies to a set shot on the three-rod.
20.5 A player who removes his hands from the handles and reaches down or away from the table
(to wipe his hands, apply rosin, etc) while the ball is in play shall be charged with a distraction.
20.6 Penalty for distraction. For the first distraction violation, the guilty team may be charged
with a warning if the official present judges the distraction to be harmless. If a shot is scored as a
result of a distraction by the offensive team, the point will not count and the opposing team will
serve the ball. In all other cases, the opposing team has the option of continuing play from the
current position; continue play from the point of infraction, or serve the ball. Subsequent
violations may be grounds for a technical foul.

Author: Eric G Reply #2 Posted: Jun 4 2016 7:29PM

20.1 says that if the shot has started, its not a distraction. If it moves before the shot starts, you've committed a distraction.

At the end of the day it's going to be ref's discretion call on whether or not the rod moves before the shot starts.

Author: Born_Fooser Reply #3 Posted: Jun 4 2016 9:40PM

20.1 is the deal. My five doesn't move until the shot is 3" into execution (at big dot). I reviewed slow mo pull shots of Terry Rue, Ryan Moore, and Todd Loffredo, all do exactly the same thing, at about the same location in the shot especially if they are squaring the shot.
It is part of the recoil momentum.

Author: Eric G Reply #4 Posted: Jun 5 2016 12:42PM

It makes sense to me that the 5 row might leave the wall on a squared/tucked motion. I'm curious if I do it too now, I'll have to check.

Author: Born_Fooser Reply #5 Posted: Jun 5 2016 1:32PM

Watch Zeke do it on here. His movement is very similar to what ai am doing. It is just about a 1" release of the 5 bar from the wall. His actually tips a little as well though, mine doesn't seem to change angle az much as it moves away from the wall by about an inch.

Interestingly enough through this I discovered why I will occasionally hit it off the post and it rebound directly into my own net. The release of that 5 bar from the wall allows that lane to be open when I am intentionally trying to keep it closed.

Author: tony Reply #6 Posted: Jun 16 2016 10:51AM

I just saw this post now. During a match I don't have the benefit of a slow motion camera. I knew your 5 was moving and I can tell you forward that game I know Eric was distracted. I could see it in his reaction. But neither of us said anything nor was it a big deal. Is why I mentioned it to you AFTER the match. But you are not exactly subtle with your pull shot either. We joke with Eric about being the HULK but compared to your physicality during play he's more like Bruce Banner.

Keep in mind..unlike now, none of the old schoolers had the benefit of a handicapped dyp. Nobody spotted me when I was learning.

I pointed out the rule so you'd know. I'm not the type to whine about it and / or call you a cheat big boy. And it's good you looked it up in the rule book. It means you're becoming a student of the game . But it sure looked like movement on the 5 bar.

Author: Eric G Reply #7 Posted: Jun 16 2016 12:55PM

Was this against me lol? I wasn't aware. I just knew you guys had talked about it a few times after matches.

Author: Born_Fooser Reply #8 Posted: Jun 16 2016 4:56PM

One doesn't snap several 3 bars practicing on their home table without utilizing a wee bit of torque. 😉

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