Topic: DYP June 30

Author: BriL Original Message Posted: Jun 20 2016 6:33AM

Next draw you partner tournament is June 30. 7:45 registration, 8:00 start, $5 entry.

Author: Nick in Denver Reply #1 Posted: Jun 27 2016 9:57PM

There's a slight chance I can make this, since I'll be in town until 7/5. Will it be at Juliet's?

Author: Eric G Reply #2 Posted: Jun 28 2016 1:12PM

Yes, still at Juliet's

Author: Nick in Denver Reply #3 Posted: Jun 30 2016 6:48PM

Well, I couldn't make it happen. Any other days of the week?

Author: BriL Reply #4 Posted: Jul 1 2016 9:15AM

1. Eric Nagi
2. Linda Robin
3. Matt R Lee

During summer Thursdays is the only day of the week that we play.

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