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Topic: 3 man goalie or 1 man goalie

Author: Yipless Original Message Posted: Jan 25 2003 2:52PM

I have play a bit over the years and have only played on 1 man goalie tables. However now I am looking to buy a table and find that most are 3 man goalie. What is being used a tournements?

Author: garry Reply #1 Posted: Jan 25 2003 3:21PM

i don't know what the reasoning was behind it- unless it saves money on having a ramp in the corner. it takes a little getting used to- but the extra men on the goalie do assist in setting up the shot on the two bar. the downfall of the 3 man goalie bar is alot of deflections go in off the extra men when the ball is actually off net.

Author: Tim Dudra Reply #2 Posted: Jan 27 2003 4:26PM

If memory serves, the main reason for the three man goalie rod was table lifetime. On the old one man goalie rod tables, there was the ramp in the corner which kept breaking, lifting, warping, whatever. Keeping the table surface completely flat makes its life longer but requires the extra goalie men in the corners to fetch balls.

In tournaments (at least the ones in the US), a three man goalie rod is used.

Author: jeremyfoos Reply #3 Posted: Jan 28 2003 2:55PM

I find the three man goalis is also helpful in keeping balls in the defensive zone because you can cushion the ball a little instead of it bouncing hard off the walls. Also, if it deflects off the man on an angle, it sometimes keeps the ball in your zone slightly longer, making it easier to reel it in.


Author: Tim Dudra Reply #4 Posted: Jan 28 2003 7:56PM


In my humble opinion (no, I couldn't keep a straight faced typing that), it was easier to keep balls in the defensive so back when there were ramps in the corner. If someone did a John B. and slammed the ball really hard into the corner, it would roll up the ramp and bounce up into the rods in the corner and generally slow right down. There were fewer slops because of balls shot in the corner. Personally, I think it was a better game with the ramps but, as mentioned earlier, the tables seemed to slip into disrepair faster.

Now I've gotten used to the 3 man goalie rod and, if it weren't for the shoot it hard into the corner that we get from the John B.s and Harrys and Rogers and Jeremys of the world, I'd be quite content.


Author: Superfly Reply #5 Posted: Jan 28 2003 9:02PM

Hey Tim, must be the muscatel warping your perception . I'm now trying to bank my shots in off of anything in the way, so it would be best if you just raised your men .

Author: jeremyfoos Reply #6 Posted: Jan 29 2003 3:44PM

Even if I DID try to shoot at the corners instead of on goal or passing (my preferred clearance method), I'd still score more than your weak 3 of late...

Author: Tim Dudra Reply #7 Posted: Jan 29 2003 4:57PM

Good idea. Maybe my 3 rod would be better if I just shot the ball into the corner or at the men on the two rod/goalie rod.
Wait until Rob Shin sees "my new three bar".

Author: jeremyfoos Reply #8 Posted: Jan 29 2003 7:55PM


Author: Tim Dudra Reply #9 Posted: Jan 29 2003 8:01PM

What the heck is LMAO? Any of the following?
- Ladies Might Argue Otherwise
- Look'it My Amateurish Offence
- Look My Arse Ovulates

Author: loose cannon Reply #10 Posted: Jan 30 2003 1:42AM

If you're interested for real it is: LAUGHING MY ASS OFF (LMAO) or ROFLMAO (Rolling on floor...)

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