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Topic: Vegas Highs and Lows

Author: @@Novapull@@ Original Message Posted: Mar 21 2012 5:14PM

Hey Everyone,

I thought i would kick this thread off. I have been off the board for a LONG time but i thought i would give my highs/lows for the tournament.

1) Helping Ben adjust some key things in his singles finals match so he didn't get double dipped. You played great Ben! Never met anyone who could make adjustments that fast.

2) Linda's designated mixed final. There was less opportunity to help you out compared to Bens match but i thought you used the few things we talked about really freaking well. Tommy's facial expressions from you owning him so hard were so funny. I must admit i was more nervous watching your match compared to any of the matches i/we played or watched. I was so happy for you and Arthur.

3) Finishing 4th in open mixed with Linda Ly (It’s pronounced Lee! lol). What an experience for both of us as our goal was to make top 10. I think we sort of crushed that goal this year and I can honestly say it was truly a team effort. I’m not sure if everyone heard but playing our 7th/8th match AZ called a technical foul on our opponents…so funny. Thankfully I hit the shot as Daniel Lueras was letting me know that he was building a “brick house” on me. It was one of my more favorite matches as both Lexy and Daniel are the typical gritty, trash talking, Colorado foosers. Thanks again Linda you are an amazing player and partner.

4) Finishing 9th in open doubles with Brian L. In the match with Don Swan Brian hit 12 goals in 3 games from the batch! Weapon X was in fine form I must say. I on the other hand was doing my best rod lock impression for the entire match. Even though we lost, we both played great again Pappas and Yore and had a legitimate chance to win that match.

5) Getting to know Phil W man he is a funny dude. It’s too bad he has troubles playing against con artist trickster carnival worker gypsies that uses magic tricks, deception, cuteness, and a British accent to double in pro at Worlds.

6) Winning Expert Doubles with Eric. It was a good thing singles was first and all the open, mixed, and pro doubles events started before expert because after playing matches against some of the world’s best in open and pro, expert was a cake walk. Of course that was up until the winners final and finals. Those two matches were close but fortunately we were able to take them down. Great playing Eric it was fun to get yet another Major tile with you!

7) Last, but certainly not least winning pro doubles. What can I say, it was truly a team effort. We kept positive believed in our abilities and took down some really close matches to get king seat. The finals were against two European players from the Czech republic and Slovakia. They beat us the first match on sweat ball. On sweat ball I had a wide open push side and hit the post! We battled back and forth and I jarred a loose ball off the opponents three bar. I had to do the right thing and give up the ball to his three. I can’t remember if he hit the shot or not but either way we lost the first match. As we had been doing all weekend Brian and I talked about what adjustment we need to make and closed out the second match with intensity, and skill. Amazing experience! Thanks again Brain you are an amazing partner. Congrats champ.

1) Not wearing a jacket to the premium outlet mall when it was 7°C outside!

2) No Rob Atha

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Mar 21 2012 5:25PM

High: My bar tab on Sunday Night

Low: My bar tab from Sunday Night

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #2 Posted: Mar 21 2012 6:51PM

Congratz to all Canadian players but especially to you Matt. It seems that you moved up another level at this event. Well done.

Author: Linda Reply #3 Posted: Mar 22 2012 12:00AM


1. Winning Designated Mixed with Arthur Mitchell (the guy is a GREAT goalie). I never imagined this event to play out the way it did. This event was my biggest highlight by far...especially knowing that historically the team with the biggest 2-bar wins the event...but not this time!! And to win it in that particular manner was ridiculous (double dipping Tommy and Liz after losing to them in our king seat match). That final match in the pits was by far the best I have ever played, both in execution and mental toughness. It means so much that a guy like Tommy Adkisson honestly says “wow...great shot(s)!!” I was talking to some people after that match and was told that Tommy had said straight up “that girl kicked my ass”. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on in the pits...i knew the bleachers were full and you were all there. I probably didn’t acknowledge y’all there (I wanted to keep my focus and tough it out) but it helped tons to know I had some support.

2. Placing 4th in Open Mixed with Matt Botros: Matt...I never thought we’d both ever play so amazingly well...focused and composed the entire way. I had a blast so THANK YOU! And it was a tough test and no one can say we had an easy draw or anything. We took out Pro and ProMaster teams (Rue, Spredeman, Philbrook, Iannuzzi, Lueras, Sprouse). Highlight of mixed for me...closing out a couple of our matches with huge goals from the back (2 separate game closers vs. Sprouse, AND 3 huge pushes from goalie to close out the 5th game versus Terry Rue).

3. Expert Womens Doubles and Open Womens Doubles: Getting to play with 2 awesome CDN women! Winning Expert Dubs with Gemma Mio (she’s originally from EDM) was a blast. Glad she said yes when I asked her to play. And playing with Jennifer Caron (QB) in Open Womens Dubs. She is a crazy good goalie and I would play with her again anytime. I’m only sorry we only finished 7th...I think we had a shot to win it, just some things don’t go your way when you need them.

4. Getting 2nd in Amatuer Doubles with Tim was fun. We had prepared ourselves really well going into Vegas and played awesome together. Tim...I’m sorry that the one match I had an off game, was the final. Great timing eh? We got outplayed in the end.

5. Watching so many Canadians play so well. Congrats to Matt, Eric, Brian, Ben on their 1st place wins and to sooo many other Canadians to play so amazingly well. I think the top of Expert Doubles was overrun with Canadians haha (and one Indian in Phil Washum haha).

6. And of course, always getting to see the friends you only see once in a while, and getting to meet many more new friends. I hope to see more of everyone in the future. Makes these tournaments much funner especially as we get to hang out with more and more of other. The CDN contingent continues to show the US we come to play =)

7. Oh...and the 3 new pairs of runners I got to buy haha. And the tournament, overall ran much smoother than in years past.

Lows (definitely not enough to make the trip a downer)”

1. Getting double dipped in Am Dubs – but it was still great (see above) and congrats to Robert Gingell the fellow CDN to win it.

2. Not getting to watch many of my friends matches. I would have loved to see both Expert and Pro finals and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to support you guys like you did me.

3. Not playing better in Singles...gotta work on that for next year, or drop it all together haha.

I'm sure I forgot some things....but all in all, this was an EXCEPTIONAL weekend of foosball and to share it with great company was the icing on top.


Author: Linda Reply #4 Posted: Mar 22 2012 12:02AM

Sorry for the long real life i'm generally quiet. In text, i get long winded haha

Author: Darcy Reply #5 Posted: Mar 22 2012 12:15PM

Eh, highs and lows for me are pretty standard.

I'm a little disappointed that I can't seem to break the 13th place curse I've got for AM singles. I've been to three tournaments, got 13th place all three times, even after knocking the number one seed to b side in my second match. Lost focus in my match to see who played ben for the bracket and it cost me, I really need to work on my compete level in those big games. Something I really adminre about Ben's game this tournament is his consistency, he battled through everything that was thrown at him and maintained his composure even when the bounces weren't going his way, if anyone had to win, other than me, I'm glad it was him. Good job man!

Beating Esterbauer two straight was a big deal for me after watching him play in France. He had eight or nine of his friends watching us play but I dug in and played my game which seemed to work well against him. My match with Eric Goodman in Expert singles. He was up 4-0 in the third and I think everyone wrote me off at that point but I battled back, made it 4-4 and it turned into a really intense game. I've always really liked Eric's game and I realize now how far I've come over the past year to be able to make a guy like that sweat. Hopefully next time I don't have to spot ya a four goal lead!

Oh... and who could forget the debacle of an open doubles match against Don Swan and Evan Stachler... great game in the end, minus all the antics. Had somewhere between 60-80 people around the table watching and I could have swore we had the better of that crowd cheering for us.. we ended up losing but placing 25th with Ted in Open Doubles was a big deal. Highest placing am's in the hardest tournament of the year. Was great playing with ya Ted!

Author: BriL Reply #6 Posted: Mar 22 2012 4:11PM


Great to see all the high finishes for the Canadians. Pretty well a top 3 finish in the majority of double events. Congrats to everyone. Foosball is doing well from BC to Quebec.

Finishing 5th in Handicap doubles with Tony. We beat a lot of good players.

I had no expectations in open doubles so finishing 9th was a surprise. Matt was dominate on the 5 bar all weekend.I just had to be steady,make a few saves an score the odd goal here and there.Surpisingly the Papas/Yore match was extemely close, one ball away from overtime.Not sure I scored 12 in the Don Swan match but probably 8. They keep leaving me the same hole over and over.

The highlight was winning pro doubles. Again really had no expectations. Matt and I were positive and communicated well all weekend and both of us listened to each others advice. We had a bunch of tight matches early. Matt bailed me out on a number of occasions. Did make a few few blocks on sweat balls, none better than the one on Blake R.The rebound bounced off a few men and trickled in the net on Mark Kraus. First time I have beaten Mark in 5 tries. The matches seemed to get easier the further we were into the brackets.The final was close but once we shut down their scoring from back we were able to close it out. Congrats Matt for your great playing!!


Not finishing off the matches I had in the open DYP. Having 2 shots to win in consective matches and not converting, not good.Maybe that is why I did not play forward for most of the weekend.

Not enough gambling.

Playing expert doubles at 1 am after playing open and pro all day did not bring out the best of my game or Tony's.

Getting beat badly by Spree and Mares in handicap.

Author: tony Reply #7 Posted: Mar 23 2012 1:41PM


Doing OK in Handicap Doubles....considering I ran halfway down the strip mid shopping mode after deciding to play it spur of the moment 20 minutes before it started

Watching the tourney go so fast without big delays for the first day or two.

Seeing so many of my Canadian compatriots play and do so well as well as seeing some old friends.

Not being stuck in the tournament room for 14 hours a day.. just 12.

Playing Blackjack in 5 casinos, with wins in each. That helps cover expenses. Not a single hand of poker in Vegas. First time for everything i guess...

Enjoying some nice meals with my spouse and seeing vegas more than usual.

Low: Having to wait 4+ hours for table maintenance people who were also in the tourney only to lose on sloppy foosball. Unlucky for us Goodman..

Dealing with stupid stuff during matches.. against fellow canadians of all things.. music is good for the soul. breathing is necessary. grow a set boys..

Figuring out just how much IFP is making off the players....$4 for a can of soda is a bit ridiculous...

PLaying your first match of your supposed best chance event at 1 am.

Getting up for foosball matches at 9 AM is overrated.. i really have to work on those early matches.

Author: .Garry Reply #8 Posted: Mar 23 2012 7:50PM

Highs- seeing all the great results by the Canadians.Cheering on all the intense matches they were in and enjoying the show.

Low- Not being in any of those

High- teaming up with 2 great Canadians-Tony Tong & Tim Wilson- and taking out some pretty good teams that on paper we had no right too.

Low- Losing an intense match against Christian & Nhu that we should have won- 2 refs???? 4-2 4-3 and not being able to put em away-good playing guys.

High- Doing great at poker

Low- not caring about singles????

High- well run tourney except for the 4 hrs pause Sunday for singles finals and HOF induction ceremony. Should have been done way earlier Sunday.

Low- Not seeing alot of the foosers till the next time.

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