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Topic: Dukes

Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: Mar 22 2012 5:39PM

Dukes is having a thing upstairs tonight so we're not going to be able to get up there, but we will be there next Thursday. I'm thinking BYP!

See you next week!

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Mar 22 2012 5:40PM

Oh, and I'll need a partner for that if anyone is interested let me know.

Author: .Garry Reply #2 Posted: Mar 22 2012 6:11PM

I'm able to team up Darcy. Let me know

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Mar 22 2012 9:16PM

Sounds good Garry!

Oh, and if we get more than 6 teams the bar will add $30 to the pot!

Author: .Garry Reply #4 Posted: Mar 28 2012 11:16AM

Is this event still a go?

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