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Topic: Vancouver foosers...

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Original Message Posted: Mar 23 2012 9:58PM

Vancouver foosers,

My nephew Sam in Vancouver is age 9. He has a Tornado table at home and is tired of beating all his friends and not having enough good competition to get better.

Sam knows the names of all the shots and now has some practice routines to work on. Just coming down to SoHo on his own or even with his parents is a little intimidating for him and probably will be pretty boring for any of the established Vancouver players.

So I have a request. Would any of the Vancouver players consider having a junior/senior pro/am event? Say once every 3 months. I don't mean aged 50+ seniors, just referring to regular adult players as seniors here.

Pick a Sunday night. On a volunteer basis a senior player or two meets the juniors at say 7 pm for a hands on fun foosball clinic until 8. More hands on techniques rather than cerebral strategy type format would probably be best. Then the other seniors arrive and divide up the teams as evenly as possible. One junior plus one senior on each team - Pro/Am one game race to 7 format done by say 9:30. Then the seniors have their own regular style doubles or singles event and the kids watch until time to go.

I wish I could be there so asking others to help. Maybe you guys even have some interested junior players of your own to invite? If interested in playing or helping please add to the thread here. If enough interest, then maybe someone could take the lead and plan something out. Johnny?

Anyway, the most fun I have is teaching kids and playing in pro/ams and hoping some of you will get to enjoy doing the same.


PS Now looking at coming to Van in November. I am organizing a mini HOFC in Malaysia in 2 weeks, meeting my Singapore buddies for a reunion game after that. Then meeting one of my top students in Shenzhen to see his high school players. They play 4 hours a day 6 days a week as part of their phys-ed curriculum. I will post some video.

Author: Nelson Reply #1 Posted: Mar 23 2012 10:12PM

I wouldn't have a problem with that but aren't kids minors thus not allowed into Soho?

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #2 Posted: Mar 23 2012 10:31PM

Not sure. good question. Bar, restaurant, pool hall? How find out?

Don't know about a plan B. Commodore?

Author: Slow. Period. Reply #3 Posted: Mar 24 2012 7:20PM

I asked Glenn a few years back and they're allowed in per city bylaw, but would not exactly be good for business...

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #4 Posted: Mar 24 2012 9:33PM

Thanks for volunteering guys. Ha ha... So who is into coming to the event to play? I will have Sam ask his buddies. Anyone else have some juniors who might be interested?

Author: dfnder Reply #5 Posted: Mar 25 2012 12:36AM

Actually kids are allowed in SoHo

Author: Superfly Reply #6 Posted: Mar 25 2012 5:11AM

Well duh .

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