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Topic: Canadian Pro Tour

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Mar 25 2012 11:02PM

This coming Saturday, March 31st, we'll be having a Canadian Pro Tour event at Time Out Pub in Edmonton.

It sounds like the turnout will be really good, so we'll probably set up two Fireball tables too and have a multi-table event.

6:00 - Open Singles

8:00 - BYP

9:00 - Amateur Doubles

Entry is $20 for the night, regardless of rank. 100% payouts.

Points for all Club level tournaments:
1st: 10

2nd: 8

3rd: 6

4th: 4

5/6: 2

Author: Cam. Reply #1 Posted: Mar 26 2012 5:08PM

Chris want to team up for this one?

Author: S. Wilkins Reply #2 Posted: Mar 26 2012 6:40PM

I'm looking for a partner for this one as well.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Mar 26 2012 8:12PM

Will and Ben for OD

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Mar 26 2012 8:15PM

I posted an Am list on a different thread just for clarification

Author: Chris.K Reply #5 Posted: Mar 26 2012 11:16PM

Sorry Cam, I am Playing with Des for both BYP and Am Doubles. Thanks for the invite though buddy.

Author: Cam. Reply #6 Posted: Mar 27 2012 9:55AM

Sam are you down? we've talked about teaming up for am for a long time!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: Mar 28 2012 1:26PM

Team Simian for OD !!

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Mar 28 2012 8:29PM

A couple people have asked about coming late, for only one event. Its $20 for everything, or $10 per event.

From the response we got last night, this saturday is sounding like it will be a total sold out house! We'll be bringing in tables for sure. Can't wait!

Author: Bank Machine Reply #9 Posted: Mar 30 2012 6:04PM

Hey Tom, Carey, you guys partnered up?
Iam going to even but not partnered up yet for doubles..
Anyone else?

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: Mar 31 2012 2:47PM

Turnout is looking great! Big thanks to Sam and Christoff for bringing in the Fireball and getting things ready. Chad is working on changing out the 2 bars and bumpers. Everything is shaping up nicely!!! See you all tonight.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #11 Posted: Apr 1 2012 12:26PM

For the next club tournament can you start it at 3:00 pm ? The IFP model you're following isn't working for me

Author: Will Reply #12 Posted: Apr 1 2012 6:08PM

Yup. I accept responsibility for not running an event that could finish on time (or just finish). I should have implemented a rule that people could only play with the same partners, we have run into this problem before and I just didn't think of putting it down for this.

Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Apr 1 2012 6:09PM

Good playing to everyone last night by the way, it was a lot of fun seeing all the upsets in singles (Christian, Darcy, Simon, and I all in the losers bracket at one point). Doubles is going well too, as is Am doubles. We're almost done both events but have a couple matches left in each.

Author: Bank Machine Reply #14 Posted: Apr 2 2012 12:56AM

Was a great time, Candace really enjoyed herself as well. She has been thinking of what handle to use for the forums.. might see her out a little more often, and for sure going to Washington.. :) woot woot!

Author: Chris.K Reply #15 Posted: Apr 2 2012 3:29PM

Had a great time Will, Thanks for putting that on (Will and all others involved). I thought it was a great night of Foos. Hope to play in more of those. See ya Tuesday!

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