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Topic: Nick Furci from Cali wants to play some

Author: moyatielens Original Message Posted: Apr 16 2012 1:31PM

Hey guys..Nick's in town this weekend and is wondering when the best night to show up for pick up games and/or a tourney would be.

I think he's more hoping for a tourney on Saturday night. I wouldn't mind coming in for it, but just need to know what would be better. Pick up games on Fri or would there be enough people to do a tourney on Sat? (He mentioned he didn't wanna do a tourney Fri guess cause didn't wanna have to be tied in or something.)

Anyhow, what's the word in the foos world, dawgs? :p

Author: Robert G Reply #1 Posted: Apr 17 2012 1:13AM

hey well Im sorry to say but
only 4-6 DAWGS ever show up anymore
and BEOTCHS are an endangered spices here in lil ol Yaletown

Me harv jeff john maybe
could be more anyone up for a TOURNY!!!!!!!

Author: Sniff Reply #2 Posted: Apr 17 2012 12:49PM

Now that is eloquence! Yea I do some Friday play around shit, works cause you're not tied down. Saturday is up in the air.

Author: moyatielens Reply #3 Posted: Apr 18 2012 1:23PM

kk, guess I'll tell him Fri then.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #4 Posted: Apr 18 2012 7:54PM

I can try to make Friday and/or Saturday. Just post what time/day we should all be there.

Author: van_can_foos Reply #5 Posted: Apr 18 2012 10:10PM

I may make it out, too. Earl

Author: moyatielens Reply #6 Posted: Apr 18 2012 11:19PM

I told him Fri. I'll be there..round 8-9??

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