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Topic: Quick Question Re: Mitch

Author: eradicator Original Message Posted: Apr 20 2012 11:58AM

Did Mitch ever attend a COFC in Saskatoon?

Author: Barry Reply #1 Posted: Apr 20 2012 1:50PM

Nope... Never did.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #2 Posted: May 10 2012 11:16AM

Are you sure Barry? Do you know for certain that Mitch does not have out of body experiences? A little presumptuous, just because you didn't see his body hanging around. Consider, if you will, that someone at a COFC was probably shooting the weakest shot someone has ever seen yet, somehow, scoring a significant number of goals because they lived with the ball. Are you not even the least suspicious that, perhaps, just maybe, on the off chance, that that was Mitch channeling through some poor schmuck? A poor schmuck who sat there wondering "Why does my three bar stink so badly? How in the heck does that thing ever score?"

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