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Topic: Tournament - Juliet''s Castle - May 18-20, 2012

Author: hardboiled Original Message Posted: Apr 23 2012 11:19AM

Calgary Foos is happy to announce a shaker at Juliet's Castle for the May weekend.

We're planning for AM, Expert, and Open events - and look forward to seeing you there.

......more to come......

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Apr 23 2012 11:50AM

Why did you plan it the same weekend as the Washington State open? Half of Edmonton is planning on going to the USA

Author: hardboiled Reply #2 Posted: Apr 23 2012 12:04PM

The Castle wants to throw one that weekend, and Calgary Foos obliges it's partners, and players.

We wish anyone heading south safe travels.

Perhaps the WSO could be called a Canadian Pro Tour stop with so many from Edmonton attending...

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Apr 23 2012 3:44PM

There are 5 players from Saskatchewan going too, so 17 players from Alberta/Sask plus the regular 6-8 from BC will sure make for a watered down tournament.

Actually there will probably be more Canadian foosers at the WSO than at the Calgary tournament.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #4 Posted: Apr 23 2012 4:02PM

Are any B.C. players going to the WSO? If so,there will be very few open
players for the Calgary tournament to speak of,unlike the last tournament
in Edmonton,which saw the best players in western Canada.

Author: hardboiled Reply #5 Posted: Apr 23 2012 4:31PM


CalgaryFoos spends efforts on promoting Canadian foosball, not State Championships or US Nationals.

Our venue supports local ball as much as we actively promote local ball.

Should CalgaryFoos decide to throw a top flight event with enough cash and draw from across the nation, we would certainly not pick this weekend. That our venue reached out with resources and interest to stage this thing - is a statement about their commitment.

To CalgaryFoos, we certainly don't try to 'knock it out of the park' on every swing.

We provide a consistent experience and friendly game on the best maintained tables in the province. Full stop.

We encourage anyone who's around to come and enjoy a CalgaryFoos shaker. We're proud of our on time record, payouts, trophies, and hospitality.

Should players be interested and want to enjoy a smaller event at The Castle, we hope you'll come.

We'll show you a good time.

Author: The Next One Reply #6 Posted: Apr 23 2012 4:38PM

Flames Suck!

Author: hardboiled Reply #7 Posted: Apr 23 2012 4:42PM

For clarity, our expectation at this point is for 40 players, give or take.

In any event, it's not good to see the head of the Canadian Table Soccer Association so down on a Canadian foosball tournament announcement.

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Apr 23 2012 4:50PM

Why wouldn't I be "Down" on this tournament? You scheduled it on a weekend that more than half of your projected turnout is not going to be able to attend?

I think it is unfortunate that you aren't scheduling the tournament on a weekend that would be best for all foosball players in Western Canada.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #9 Posted: Apr 23 2012 5:00PM

Regardless of the timing,I'm sure you'll put on a good tournament,Andy.

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: Apr 23 2012 5:06PM

I'm sure he will too, thats why I wish it was a differnet weekend! I'd love to be able to go to this, but with Hotel's booked and Van's rented it is really too bad we will be missing out on the first real tournament in Alberta in over a year.

Author: hardboiled Reply #11 Posted: Apr 23 2012 5:30PM

I would hope promotion of the game in Canada was the most important thing to you Will, no matter what your plans are for a given weekend.

Thanks for the compliment though.

We at CalgaryFoos pride ourselves on being the real deal.

Author: Pixel Reply #12 Posted: Apr 23 2012 7:15PM

This is not a question of Canada tournaments vs United States tournaments. Foosball is a relatively small community as it is - and you decide to fragment tournament attendance even more by hosting a tournament within a drivable radius of another, larger, more popular tournament? In my opinion, this is completely ignorant planning (as in you didn't think to check for other tournaments).

I understand you may have local players that don't travel to American tournaments, and thus, for the sake of their attendance, the tournament could really be whenever. However, you do have to realize that you're taking an opportunity from these players: the opportunity to see and play against different calibres and styles of play from players that would have LOVED to come to your tournament if it hadn't been scheduled for this weekend.

Thus, I must ask: where lies the harm in at least asking "The Castle" whether they could push it back a weekend?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #13 Posted: Apr 23 2012 9:17PM


Author: .Garry Reply #14 Posted: Apr 24 2012 12:44AM

Turnout could have been huge-taking a good % of players out of the mix as they already had arrangements to attend the WSO is unfortunate.

Calgary & Andy always put on a good show.

I was not trying to stir the pot=only point out what might have been an oversite about the dates.

I may be up for this but need to talk to some people about partnering up and arranging accommodations.

Author: hardboiled Reply #15 Posted: Apr 24 2012 9:09AM

Well, it's done now. The owner has pulled the pin.

He approached us to run a show on a slow weekend for him. For the next 2 months, he is comitted on weekends, as the place is becoming successful (ball teams, live shows, comedy, etc). He cannot accomodate a large event without longer term planning.

We comitted 5 tables, and estimated 40 players. We could have done that, and done it well.

It never was a 'competing' event. It was intended as a small tournament for Sat/Sun, as followup from the AM event in March, and to catch any Spring interest - as this (like the fall) are the best times to do something.

Now, it's off.

Enjoy the drive.

Author: hardboiled Reply #16 Posted: Apr 24 2012 9:19AM

Garry - our full slate attendance for the past 3 tournaments has ranged between 58 to 77. The reasoning was if we lost 15, we'd hope to end up somewhere around 40.

In speaking with the owner, and given it's traditionally a slow weekend for him, it was a green light.

Author: Pixel Reply #17 Posted: Apr 24 2012 10:26AM


I tried to reply to that lovely personalized email that you sent me, but it would appear as though the email address you have listed with this board is wrong. Could you please send me an email with your email address written inside it? Otherwise I won't be able to reply.

Author: hardboiled Reply #18 Posted: Apr 24 2012 10:47AM

tis' better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt

Author: Darcy Reply #19 Posted: Apr 24 2012 10:54AM

Author: Happyham Reply #20 Posted: Apr 24 2012 11:00AM


You sound like a right hardboiled cock.


Author: .Garry Reply #21 Posted: Apr 24 2012 2:20PM

Joe- You may have to explain your British humor!?!?

And to quote Seinfeld... " not that there's anything wrong with that"

Author: Will Reply #22 Posted: Apr 24 2012 2:44PM

I don't think any explanation is needed, most anyone who reads all of hardboiled posts would tend to agree.

Author: Will Reply #23 Posted: Apr 24 2012 2:48PM

Smart move by Juliet's to pull the tournament though, I would say. I hope that they find another weekend that might be slow over the course of the summer and can host a very classy event as they have in the past. It is certainly the bar with the longest standing foosball tradition in Alberta. I'm very happy they aren't hosting a competing event with another major event near by.

Author: .Garry Reply #24 Posted: Apr 24 2012 6:00PM


I wanted Joe to use wanker in a sentence.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #25 Posted: Apr 24 2012 6:25PM

Andy is well known for his use of the term cock,often used to express
his frustration when his brilliance on the table alludes him from time to

Even so,I find this expression of frustration somewhat unsettling and
disconcerting at the same time.And,unlike Seinfeld,I think there is alot
wrong with it!!!You Flying Dutchman are perplexing and hilarious.

Author: greg Reply #26 Posted: Apr 24 2012 7:41PM

I'm sorry, I just can't get that image of "poached chicken parts" out of my head.

Author: TedA Reply #27 Posted: Apr 25 2012 2:12PM

Any more details on the tournament?

Singles and Doubles for all events?

Entry fees? Ball fee or coins?

Player Rankings?

Author: BriL Reply #28 Posted: Apr 25 2012 4:17PM

Hi Ted

The tournament has been cancelled due to the date conflict with the WSO.

Author: tony Reply #29 Posted: Apr 25 2012 8:33PM

Retarded. Someone decides to host a tourney for the players and someone else (along with other experts in the field from all over the place) decides to shit on the parade. And another promoter never mind. Shame is a wasted emotion....

Why bother Andy? It's amazing the couth on here because it's in type and not in person. Do any of you actually step back and read the shit you post?

Thanks for trying anyways..

Author: S. Edwards Reply #30 Posted: Apr 25 2012 11:47PM

People were disappointed about the date only because they wanted to support Calgary Foos just like they have done for the last number of years. They wanted to play great players like Matt or Darrell or Joey or Eric. There is no shame in that. Im not going to the WSO but I had other plans. I always like to support the Calgary Tournaments. I havent miss one in years. Maybe there is just a misunderstanding between what Andy was proposing and the disappointment the players felt because they couldn't go. I believe this is probably the case. There was going to be a parade? Damn, I like parades!

Author: DEATHPULL Reply #31 Posted: Apr 26 2012 2:44AM

I think that no one is meaning to be difficult. However to announce a tourney then say owner cancelled all in 24hrs makes me think it was in haste. I wish u all the success in the future events at the castle

Author: Will Reply #32 Posted: Apr 26 2012 12:44PM

I think the only issue anyone has was in the delivery. Simply because of the knowledge of double booking the Washington tournament it would have been nice to see an explanation. If the post had said:

"Calgary Foos is happy to announce a shaker at Juliet's Castle for the May weekend.

We're planning for AM, Expert, and Open events - and look forward to seeing you there.

Unfortunately the tournament is booked for the same dates as the WSO, and although we requested a different weekend for the event, the owners of Juliets were set on this date. We wish the best to all players attending either event!

......more to come......"

I think no one would have had any issue with that, and the tournament could have gone off successfully.

Author: greg Reply #33 Posted: Apr 27 2012 3:37AM

Andy is a great guy to meet over the table, one of the best, and he gives as good as he gets in a foos match or on a message board.

I don't mind if the tourny is just delayed till July or something but if this is our only chance for a tourny this summer then we should loose the OD and have a 2500 LTD. type of thing instead. It would be more fun and maybe draw enough players to make the whole thing worth while for all parties involved.

Talk's cheap anyways, it's what you do that counts.

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