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Topic: 2012 Toronto Open flyer now ou

Author: subcult36 Original Message Posted: Apr 30 2012 10:22AM

June 15th-17th.

Would be great to see some of you guys make it!

Main events are on Fireball, but there is a multi-table team event that should be very interesting! Maybe we'll sweeten the pot for any Canadian club team that can beat the Teamplay Club team :)

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Apr 30 2012 8:29PM

Anyone find decent flights for this? I'm stuck at $741 no matter what I try so far.

Author: Pixel Reply #2 Posted: May 1 2012 10:05AM

640 on Westjet.

Author: subcult36 Reply #3 Posted: May 9 2012 8:42PM

We've all been training hard for this one... check out our progress!!


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