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Topic: wow my account still works

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Original Message Posted: May 7 2012 1:08PM

it been so long that i use my foos ball account maybe it been delated because im not on that much because been so busy whats going on in here any foosball going on still or did it went dead again

Author: domi nate Reply #1 Posted: May 7 2012 4:24PM

Is this Willie?

Author: JeremyR Reply #2 Posted: May 8 2012 3:05PM

Woah, hold on a second here - saskatoon_fooschamp? Better come out to Thursday's DYP (7:45PM, Snooker Shack) if you want to keep that name.

Also, Nathan, when are you coming to town man? You need to make it for a DYP.

Author: domi nate Reply #3 Posted: May 10 2012 10:19AM

I'll have to find a table to practice up on first. I could probably only beat you like 5-2 right now...that would be embarassing.

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #4 Posted: May 11 2012 6:00PM

it is to bad about tuesday night foosball some body should talk to barry about tuesday night again because i would love to play some foos tuesday night why waite for thursday night have it at the pat.or bad ass jacks
some where im sure barry can find a place for tuesday night

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