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Topic: Tuesday May 15th Event

Author: Will Original Message Posted: May 14 2012 7:28PM

DYP's - probably one for Fireball and one for Tornado. Maybe we'll just do one big DYP and play it multitable.

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: May 14 2012 10:36PM

I'm in.

I'll also be bringing pledge forms for anyone interested in sponsoring me for this years Fathers Day Walk for Prostate Cancer at Laurier Park June 17.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #2 Posted: May 14 2012 11:02PM

Ha, when I first read you post I thought you said you're bringing pledge! There's a flash from the past!

Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: May 14 2012 11:30PM


I can still smell the lemon scent-probably only a few of us left that know what we're talking about.

Where's the rosin bags???

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: May 14 2012 11:37PM

Damn you're old lol

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: May 14 2012 11:57PM

Gotta support prostate cancer research! I'll donate my winnings!

Author: .Garry Reply #6 Posted: May 15 2012 12:16AM

"I'll donate my winnings!"

Sounds like a good idea-I would state the same, but I want to donate more than 50

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: May 15 2012 1:21PM

I'll support the cause win or lose, I don't know anyone personally that has died because of prostate cancer and hopefully the efforts of people doing this type of thing keep it that way.

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